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Since I last blogged in Nov…

Hey all!

Since I last blogged in Nov! I’ve been pretty busy.. I guess I’ve always said the same thing.. Busy… busy… busy…

Well firstly I was pleasantly surprised that I did pretty well for my results for my first semester… Honestly I thought I would have done pretty badly. Thank God I did my part. Only one subject I was really disappointed with but all in a a decent semester.

After the last of my assignments, I started packing stuff from my room! It was a treacherous one as I had heaps of stuff all over! Thank God I had enough boxes! Ultimately I would like to thank all my friends who helped with transporting and accommodating my stuff! Seriously you guys are awesome! Thanks to Doris and Leo too! For having me over to stay for the night at their new place! Which is so nice and cosy! Can’t wait for the house warming!

Flew to Melbourne for a week to catch No Sleep Til, which is probably the biggest festival I’ve been too! Heaps of awesome bands! I’ve a No Sleep Til album right here, for yo guys to check it out! The after party was epic too! Cause I got to meet some of the awesome bands! Wish A Day To Remember was there tho! None the less, meeting the members of Suicide Silence, We Came As Romans and August Burns Red was all ready Epic!!!

Was talking to Scott who flew from Malaysia just for the fest, and we agreed that what would have made NST complete was if Underoath and Amity Afflictions were a part of it! Would have been a show of a lifetime!

All in all.. my 4 months in Australia has been a life learning lesson in so many ways! I am glad that I get a chance to experience this and I thank my parents so much for it!

Love you mum and dad!!

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Holidays so far & preparing for migration…

Hey guys!

It’s again been a long while since I’ve blogged in this space! Don’t worry guys! This blog will not fade away! It holds lots of memories and important dates just like a personal Autobiography that keeps on writing until the “ink” runs out.

Well I’ve been on holidays since my exams and presentations ended on the 25th of May. I’ve to refer to my diary to keep track of my dates! hahaha… Even’t I don’t remember! Since holidays started, I’ve been busy with gigs and also recordings with my band An Honest Mistake, and the occasional session with A Ruthless Cleansing & Diandra.

Yesterday’s gig was super fun! An Honest Mistake was the featured act brought to you by Monsoon Records Vol.4. It was definitely a great set, comments were, the band was tight, great sound (thanks to the awesome sound man at Laundry) and everyone, including ourselves enjoyed the show!

AHM @ Laundry Bar, presented to you by Monsoon Records

From left: DarrenTeh (Guitar), BaldwinChua (Keys), LeonardChua (Lead Guitar), KevinTan (Bass)

Leonard Chua

Leonard & Sheryl - Best picture for the night!

Myself! the Emo violinist ;p

Awesome photos by Brendan Lee! You can visit more of his photos for the night here, and do visit his webpage as well here!

Other than music, I’ve been busy preparing myself to get ready to head to Canberra to further my studies, will be waiting for my results to be out hopefully by next week! If all is good and no hiccups then I will be flying on the 1st of August and arriving on the 2nd of August.. on my 21st Birthday… what a way to celebrate it on foreign soil… alone… SAD!

My friends and family were saying that they wanted to celebrate it earlier haha… My wish is actually to have a concert for my birthday…. Guess it will be next time then when I come back! Not to fret though, cause I’m only there for a year, so I’ll be back in the beginning of July 2011!

fly away to a new place.. like birds migrating to a new home...

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1st day in Cameron Highlands! (Tuesday)

 Hey all! It is my very first time at Cameron Highlands and already I am loving the cold cold winds and the scenery.. absolutely fantastic! 

For me and my bro is our first time and we wer just remenicing how it is almost as cold as it was in Hong Kong and a lil’ bit like old NYC as in the weather during summer. 

Here are pictures of our trip on the first day! 


Lunch at Water Cress Farm! Delicious!

Lunch at Water Cress Farm! Delicious!


The hotel

The hotel


HOtel Lobby small

The Apartment1

The Apartments

The Apartments


Best Strawberry Naan!

Best Strawberry Naan!

More updates on my 2nd and 3rd day soon!

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Youtubing! and Cameron High here I come!

What’s Up!!! 

I have been havin’ a blast the last few days after my exam! Eating, shopping, watching gigs, watching all the tv shows and movies I gotta catch up on and I have been YouTubing a lot! Man.. its better than TV! 


Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

I have been watching videos by ShaneDawsonTv and this guy is just a genius, funny and really entertaining and the stuff are “EPIC”! You will know what I mean when you watch the vid below! ;p 

Check out Shane Dawson at his official site (here) and his youtube site (here) .. he updates often and weekly so I always can’t wait for a new episode or vid! 

Below are some of my favourite. check it out!


Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Btw I will be on a holiday vaca with my family to Cameron High.. it will be a first for me and I can’t wait! Will be away from Tues to Friday! Don’t miss me! 😀 Will see if there is a Starbucks there or something.. other than paying Rm15 for an hour of wifi … stupid… Will keep ya posted! 


Merry Christmas to All

Phew! Finally my phone has stopped buzzing! hahahaha. Merry Christmas to ALL of you out there! Hope that you have received your Christmas Dose of SMS, Emails, phone calls from love ones, family, friends and cyberspace! And I pray that you and your family will have a blessed year ahead of you in 2009!

God Bless, and Merry Christmas to all of you!