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RIP Yasmin Ahmad.. Advertising Director and Film Director…

Yasmin Ahmad: 1st July, 1958 - 25th July, 2009 (Age 51)

Yasmin Ahmad: 1st July, 1958 - 25th July, 2009 (Age 51)

Her legacy will forever live on.. She was one of my inspirations… RIP Yasmin Ahmad!

here is a list of works that she has left behind (click here).

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Ahh.. what a week or two..

Hey guys! I have been really really busy over the last two weeks for the following reasons.

I attended a wedding last weekend! It was a wonderful and sweet and traditional wedding! It was also special to me cause it’s actually the first wedding of a friend for me (unlike weddings of uncles, clients of my dad and so on)!!

I was also busy doing a movie shoot as a favour to a fellow friend. Shooting a movie takes extremely long dedications of time and sacrifice. If I anticipated how long it took for a scene and how many takes… (“Scene 10, take 50!”) I was like..sweat! Now I understand why a movie takes soo soo long to be developed!

I have also secured a regular gig! Unlike other gigs and concerts I have been a part of.. this is more of an individual thing, my own segment with my fellow brilliant singer Ms. Su and friend Janette. So do check out my gigs coming up every first week (monday to be precise!) at Groove Junction KL! My next gig will be coming in 2 weeks time (27th July *09)!!  So do come and support local talents and you will be surprised!

Any friends interested as well to perform and showcase your wonderful God given talents do call me or drop me a mail! Cause not just myself, and gang who will be performing, but we want more people to perform! Tiring le if we perform every month! Haha.. kidding! I never tire from playing music! But do tell me cause its a good opportuinity to get exposure and experience!