Happy B’day to Jacqueline – 26th April 2008

here r the delayed picts of Jac’s belated birthday picts these werent all the picts just a few … lol was too lazy to post it yesterday… turns out my com was laggin so much yesterday i could not wait for a few picts to get processed on9 lol

but nonetheless here they r…. 
Happy B’Day again!!! 

HILLSONG UNITED LIVE IN KL – 28 May 2008!!!!!!!!

ITS OFFICIAL! ITS OFFICIAL!!!!  HILLSONG UNITED IS COMING to KL!! to be precise…GLAD TIDINGS PJ ( my church ) on the 28th May 2008 !!!!!

They have also just started their own blog http://www.hillsongunitedkl2008.blogspot.com

Facebook Event – Here

Tickets are at RM50 each / per entry

Organized by Youth Alive Malaysia & Glad TIdings PJ 

Its just one month out, i suggest, u go buy your tickets NOW! Book as many as you can, cos i think, the Hall in Glad Tidings can only fit 3000 people standing up!

For more info call 012 387 9938 or my number 012-2179892 if u want to book and buy through me!!!  We’re gonna have one BLESSED nite with Hillsong United!! WOO HOOOO!!

See ya all there!

Daniel New

p.s i got the whole post from Daren’s blog btw but added some of me own elements la (hope u dont mind Daren 😀 i too lazy to type me own one 😀 )   



Computer Graphics Assignment 2 was due today… and i handed it up on time!

3 days ago… 
was over confident that i can finish 3 pattern designs in a few days and can also watch the Liverpool game as well… n have time for futsal 
2 days ago…
was thinking if i can really finish all 3 designs by wednesday…. getting a bit kanciong already…. but decided i can do it!
1 day to go…
Alrite… got worried as i saw a fellow classmate’s design… it was good but lecturer said it was too simple… now this is when i panicked … if her’s to me is a complex one and for the lecturer is too simple… it will take me awhile to get my creative juices in my brain to think of THREE COMPLEX designs!!!!
Day of reckoning…   

was sitting on my laptop working on “design 1” at midnight… completed it straight after the soccer game ended… around 5 a.m due to lack of inspiration … i surprise myself sometimes that i can complete all 3 by today… around 2. p.m … should have finished earlier if i did not have class at 9 to 12…. but none the less.. i’m so ever relieved taht another day of college has ended… did not have any sleep at all… went home at 4:30 … had vocal lesson with Liang till 6 p.m went up to my room then i just knocked out….
woke up … groggy at around 9 p.m… my bro was strumming on my guitar in my room… that must have woke me up… then went for prayer meet… an hr and a half late for the meeting… 
now i m home… chatting to friends… chillaxing… writing blog… and later.. watching futball again…. 

there is a first for everything… gosh!..

OMG! i tell u …. yesterday… i purposely come so every early… to college at around 7:30 a.m so that i can get a good parking in front of college… (normally its full by 8 p.m) .. after comin down.. the parking coin machine starts at 8 a.m… so.. i decided to head to McD to get a free Sausage McMuffin.. u know the 1mill muffins they will give away?? *pss… i still have 4 more :D*


i then meet up with some of my class mates… at the corner coffee shop chit chatted till it was time for class at 9 a.m to 12 noon… then from 12 noon it went on till 2nd class.. … in the break.. at 1:30 a.m in Advertising & Broadcasting class… we went to eat lunch… on the way back to college, i told Farid:

“Saman is something that i will not ever get…”

just when i said that.. i was like OMFG!!

i ran to me car… and low and behold… there was my first ever saman….

i dont have the picture of it… but it was for RM 100… according to some friends … there is some “discount” from paying samans.. only at RM30 only =.= …. apparently … only in our beloved country that we have such thing as “DISCOUNT” for samans…

there s a first for everything…….. i guess….


ahh what an eventful day.

today myself, my bro, , Grace, Jon and Nelson went out for instrument window shopping the WHOLE DAY!! (from 10:30 to 6:30 p.m) we went to a few places today… very eventful as we tested out drumsets, guitars, etc…

my bro just got his 2 new John mayer cd’s rare in Malaysia… John Mayer – Village Sessions EP – released after Continuum, its now stopped in production after John Mayer requested it on his blog. and As Is , his other album debuted in 2004. i still find it quite awesome how u can buy stuff off the net when things r not available here… my bro got his from Amazon… quite fast also .. 😀

yes all in all an awesome day 😀 2mr am going to WENDY”S!!!


Liverpool marches on

Awesome!! Liverpool won 4-2 (aggregate 5-3) !

I kinda feel that it should have been a 4-1 win … as Reina made a critical goal keeping error… but the 2nd goal with Theo Walcott bursting down with only Skrtel defending againts 3 other Arsenal was ok.. as everyone went up to attack at that period.

Then again… Adebayor missed an open opportunity, he should have controlled the ball tho might have a better chance of scoring…

Hyypia’s goal was great losing his marker (Sanderos) easily… i feel that Sanderos and Gilberto were the weakness points in Arsenal’s defense… did not see much of Gilberto in the game and Sanderos was out witted by Torres, scoring a fantastic goal…

The penalty? i thought it was quite an obvious penalty especially when Babel has already surpassed Toure, leaving Toure struggling to match Babel’s pace. As it was evident in the final mins of extra time where all of Arsenal’s defenders were in Liverpool’s half leaving Fiber Glass (Fabregas) alone at the back marking Babel and in the end losing pace again to Babel who slotted the ball perfectly at the bottom right corner 😀

To be honest i was kinda nervous when Gerrard stepped up to take the penalty… as Gerrard has been holding the midfield more in the game than his usual paring up with Torres.. (due to a change in formation with three strikers in this game =.=”) but as a leader he stepped up and took the penalty with calmness and at the same time with class…

Once again… for the third time…Liverpool meets Chelsea… very much expected….

and on the other semi final spots will most likely be Man U against Barcelona… guaranteed spot for a English team… it could even b an all England Finale….