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Azure for Janne releases new single “The Finisher”.

Posted about their previous song ‘Thrones’ in a post before, which I had the privilege to sing in (click here).

My brothers from Azure for Janne, just released a new single “The Finisher” a week ago. They grow better musically all the time, Check out the lyrics video below!

Great guys making great music. Do share this video on FB and twitter!

Dream big and stay gold, reach for the sky.

Azure for Janne’s A Common State of Liberty Coming soon!

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Acceptable to go from jobless to topless?

I find that when it comes to a time of desperate need, we as humans would be willing to do the extra mile to make something work and solve a problem. Life’s all about sacrifices and compromises.

It is a starting trend that women professionals and degree holders,white- collar workers who are struggling to make ends meet has resorted to being a stripper at a bar,  appear in adult entertainment films &  magazines, as it is an easy outlet to fast cash and flexible work hours.

From professional to professional stripper?

From professional to professional stripper?

I guess people are becoming more open minded nowadays, where strip clubs, prostitution and X-rated films and the adult industry are a big no no, now the world is changing, we are in economical crisis, secure jobs and money is hard to find, has resorted what people are willing to do to make ends meet.

I don’t wanna summarize the whole article so .. below is the link to the article from MSN news. It also appeared on the Star Newspaper today.

More women going from jobless to topless

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