bloody "explorer"

Hey All!!

LOL due to some problems with my internet “explorer”… i was not able to update my blog daily LOL …

So i will try to be short, sweet and detailed as i can..

Anyways for the past few weeks i have been very busy with fixing n polishing guitars for my students. i kinda do this every half year or a year to freshen up the guitatr conditions n replace old strings with fresh n new Aderio strings.

I have also been busy with tours for malaysian artist lyke Cried Baby, Paintbucket, Madhouse, Chromes, Sourtury etc, being their guitar tuner n work the sound systems making sure the guitars r tuned to their preferences and also that the band sounds great!

doing these gigs.. i tell u guys its soo tiring LOL staying at the gigs till 1-2 in the morn n then waking up at lunch time hehe.. basically thats the routine for my holidayz… lol waking up late n in the afternoon just practicing my licks n riffs on the guitar…



New Year’s Resolution for 2007!!!

1. Enjoy life more! – Something that i should do hehe… havnt had the time of my life in malaysia yet since i left bangkok… in august 2005… mayb cause i had restrictions… tho i m a malaysian, Malaysia is lyke a new foreign country to me cause i have been overseas for the last 9 years…as i would say bangkok is still my first home since i stayed there the last 6 years.

2. Lose the Spare tires! – Gym!!! i m considering joining Celeb fitness again since mine expired de…{ monthly payment] get back to gym and also back to my regular dosages of Herbal Life Diet Supplyment… It was great but after a while u want to eat other foods!! lol get tired of drinking a Shake everyday rite?? lol but it taste good!

3. Get organized and work harder!! – I really need to push the tempo man… m in UNi Now… Not a Kid!!! no time to play so much!! have to study… but have to also enjoy life la… so i have to remind my self that i m learning to be a better person !!!

4. Spend more time with my family!! – since i came back i have been going out n stuff.. to guitar gigs most of the time …. but i should spend more quality time with my fam … kinda feel bad as i dont spend as much time with them as they r lyke ur closest people around n know u best…. so must spend quality time… [ nowadays Teens dont spend time with their parents any more … which is kinda stupid really..]

5. Better Musician – Eventhough it is though sometimes to be a musician who picks up his own instruments with out a teacher/ coach… i wan dedicate more time with my violin and guitars … especially violin, since its my first instrument… i missed the time when i was in an orchestra… wow the sound is increadible… so i guess i will try to find a violin teacher n c where i m at n get in to an orchestra here in malaysia… Guitar i guess i m going to just practice my licks n riffs n run my fingers up n down the fingerboard…

6. Get ORGANIZED! – Man my room is going to be a pig sty if i dont do something… Need to dedicate every month to clear junks out of my room… so that i can find my stuf easily hehe

7. Drive carefully – LOL as we all tho there are lots of people in malaysia who probably bribed their license the whole way so as a result there are lost of bad drivers…. so it forces me to drive carefully to watch out … there is this thing called the kancil syndrome so i got to hope i dont get cought in it whihc i most lykely will hehe…!!!

8. New band!!! – New year meants new things so i m recruiting some players….. me n joseph r guitars so we dont need guitars… but we need a singer, bassist, drummer, keyboards [ two] n back up singer…

9. Play more golf!!! lol been slacking ….handicap will go up if i dont get back in to the game

10. Save Money – at the moment i have been spending lyke a water flowing down the waterfall… so i gotta save save save!!!


HAPPY 2007!!!

Happy 2007 to all Bloggers!!! Wish you all a Happy New Year of 2007 .

{maybe james bond should have came out in 2007 haha… get it ? 007[ double O seven?]

I also believe that it is the Year of the PIG!!!

So Happy Birthday for all the people born in the year of the piG!!! Oink!! Oink!!!