hehe how fun!

U know…. the fun thing about signing up for anything or joining any tournaments and whatnots.. is FREEBIES!!!!

hehe cause i was one of 10 people who signed up for IACT… i got a free Digital Camera.. its a Olympus FE-280!! AWESOME!! i m too lazy to put in the spec details but my Canon 40D is so much better 😀

so.. haha i m using this cam for compact purposes… hehe Birthday parties.. etc… not so important event so i dont have to bring the other one!!

So far after testing it out… its a decent camera i would say… good for close ups, scene and portrait pictures… good for beginners i would say.. ( i m an amateur at photography… lol… aspiring to be a pro!)


EASTER !!!!!

Wow time passes by fast doesn’t it!

last friday, there was no cell but…. we went tracking in millennium tower with Emmanuel and myself representing our cell, John Aiden being the only representative from May Vern’s cell lol ! we out numbered them this week! and also Sue Ling’s cell.. now they came in numbers…. lol!

Tracking was fast actually… hehe 20 mins!!! haha… we did not have enuf fliers… only400… considering there are 9 floors of 15 apartments in both the guy’s and the girl’s building….

fliers werent split evenly tho!!!! since only 3 of us guys….. compared to the rest ….. just Emmanuel, John and my self we only have 130… dunno y it was not split evenly but… maybe.. just maybe…. God wants more girls to come for easter!!!!! THERE IS A GREAT AWAKENING FOR WOMEN IN CHURCH!!! ….. rite… haha mayb not… hehe!!!!

yes so…. BROKEN PRODUCTON IS HERE!!! this friday and Saturday and Sunday easter Celebration!! haha am taking part on the Sunday Easter Celebration… “Liang and friends..” as we r known… lol doing a medley of 3 songs this weekend..

yup aha thats all for now…. going to college… 😀


New place, new people, new environment, new experience…….

Hey guys,

last week has been a really hectic week and it will be the same, if not more, for this week. Been having to do all the home chores since my mom’s operation as she wont be able to cook, pay bills and stuff, do the chores and her normal routines and unable to go to church and cell… but she is recovering well and fast and doc said she will be able to continue with her life by next week.

Today will be my first day of class at IACT, classes here are longer compared to Monash. Lecture and tutorial durations, 3 hrs each. The courses here are almost like CIMP, a very coursework based program… duh .. advertising is abt building portfolios =.=” . sorts of suits my style really… i m a very assignment based fella, but yes.. i have to say… exams are also important… basically a way for institutes, colleges and unis to see whether u learned anything from ur studies…

am planning to visit some friends in Monash again…. just to catch up



I m enjoying the Biyang experience!

Hey guys!

i got a new guitar pedal again a Tube Screamer this time! ! and what a buy it is! To tell u the background of this type of pedal, Maxon and Ibanez (both Japanese companies) TS9 and other TS (Tube Screamer) series, have used a JRC4558D legendary chip which has made Maxon and Ibanez most sought out for as they r the original makers and creators of the chip and the pedal, which other companies has tried to copy to try to get as close as possible to the original sound of The Maxon Ts 808, Ts9 and the TS9DX. Now those pedals are rare to find especially the TS 808 as it is the first original Tube Screamer in the world, r discontinued but Ibanez and Maxon has created a reissue due to popular demand… and the prices for them can range from RM 400 to 500 as they make limited copies..

A tube screamer is slightly different from a distortion pedal, a Tube Screamer is an overdrive/distortion pedal that is mild compared to many, but allows the true sound of the guitar and player’s technique to come through. The most popular use of a tube screamer is to push a tube amp to make it overdrive more.

E.g Santana’s sound is a tube screamer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer and so on!

I had a Ibanez TS9 DX, i sold it cause i could get more money off it haha, i sold it for RM 470 making a profit of RM 70 !

I have no regrets cause i got a new pedal which uses the exact same JRC4558D chip, used in the Ibanez and Maxon pedals!

Its the Biyang OD-7 !

Here’s mine!

I got this picture with the JRC4558D chip made in Japan from Maxon in the Biyang OD-7 i got this pict here.

Biyang is a new up and coming Boutique guitar effects and amp makers based in Korea.

and i only got it for>>>>>. RM 179!!!! well, the reason i got it for that price cause a dealer in KL has decided to introduce it in to malaysia so RM179 is the introductory price till end of this week, after that the price will be at around RM 300 to RM 400,

I compared the sounds from a Ibanez TS 9 and a TS 808 which i borrowed from a friend in order to compare the sounds, and guess what?? it sounds the same! thats when i decided to make the purchase asap cause its still on the promo price! ( its only expensive cause of the chip thats y its going to be around RM 300 to 400) i got it from this store here

there were a lot of good reviews on it online as well as the sound for the Biyang OD-7 being identical to the originals.. duh.. they use the same chip!

Biyang also has a bunch of other pedals as well… haven’t heard them yet or seen the reviews, as the most hype for this brand was for their OD -7.

With my new Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker (Black pick up on my Aria strat guitar…. which the Pearly Gates gives me the smooth Texas blues-rock tone. )

My old pickup next to the Pearly gates Box..

and the Biyang OD-7, and with the rest of my pedal board (picture to come out soon, as soon as my friends RETURN them to me!!! ), i almost have my full guitar gear set! what i’m lacking is a good amp! as now i have 2 guitars to play with, my aria strat and my Aria, Gretch Falcon copy with 2 Humbuckers, i have to hunt for my amp!



Holy Spirit rain….. down!


Hows every1??

cell was awesome last nite despite only Emmanuel, Kerry and myself!

Cell did not start as normal haha! Remember the drumset in Campus town?? We decided to make use of what God gave to us to use and we had our little trio worship team in Campus town!!!!!

We Rock’ed! Jumped Around ! and also Worship the Lord!!!!

it was awesome .. and quoting Emmanuel on how awesome it was, “The presence of the Lord is here… and the whole place will be filled with God’s people!” … is that a prophecy?? LOL ! when he said “whole Place” i figured….. Campus Town filled with people worshiping the Lord!! its not a cell anymore, its a a GT Friday Nite service!!!

After worship, we had word and the holy spirit’s presence was so strong that we had an intense 1.5 hrs prayer for bringing our friends in our college, our oikos, to know more about Jesus!