i got a new toy!…contidued of panic room!

Hey guys i got another new toy again! I got a Busker Chorus pedal ! I forgot to put a pict of my SE keely mod roland super dist pedal but i will post my full pedal board as soon as Aiden, Jane and Ashley give me back my pedals! >< lol .. like 2mr would be good lol… any ways i got it on discount lol since its the last in stock…. lol from RM 300 t0 250 lol imported from Japan, tho its made in China… The Buskers brand is a Japanese indies effects pedal brand that has started producing pedals quite recently. Buskers make a range of effects pedals that stand out because of their simplicity and solid sounds namely their overdrive pedal,flanger, and their chorus. Personally i got it cause its sound just like the ETH Small Clone Chorus pedal which is abt rm 350. The busker Chorus gives me the Leslie – wobble and the 12 string sound which is so smooth and clear especially when its combined with the SE-1 and the DD-6, its great when doing vintage rock like ZOmbie where the guitarist uses a CE-1 actually. It gives taht airry dreamy ness so its soo cool and it gives the sounds that i want and lookin for…

” here i am! i m Busker Chorus from Japan!” I kinda like the color also looks like pastel white n so cool !

Oh cont’d on panic room… today morn i woke up at like 7 in the morn… my bro’s alarm so loud that i can hear it from the kitchen downstairs with the radio on.!! n imagine my room next to his room… omfg … i wake up so freakin early for wat???? my bro said that he wakes up early to go shoot some hoops…. wtf ! some people wanna sleep!??? SO ANY WAYS… since i cant go back to sleep i went to make pancakes and an omelet with bacon, honey, milk n cheese (fyi: omelets are one of my comfort foods by the way ;p) and made my self a big cup of milo XD … so after my very very satisfying meal i went back to my cold room and study for mkt which is on Monday…. crap so fast its exams…. so i studied in my room till lunch and had scrumptious laksa my mum made.! Soo SOO devine til make all the laksa in malaysia suck ! ” then i decided to go n study Biz law… now thats one paper i m so afraid of lol… in case write abt wrong facts n use wrong rule ar… ham cat adi lor… whole question wrong!

welll.. how it wont happen to me … lol since open book …. can bring in a whole trolley of stuff also can says our biz law lecture… we not so dumb la , need so many books for wat.. no time to flip the pages also for the whole exam… lol we would probably be doing more reading than writing if doing that… all i m bringin are my books prescribed, my lect notes and my sheet of rules ….

that should be fine i guess…. suppose to have dinner with shearn actually but he cant make it got sth to do… so i went to church and had dinner with a few of my church frens at KFC ss2 so then i came home took a shower and did my mkt reading again and here i m writing this blogg… so yea this is it .. gtg sleep now…. lol ciao


p.s i recently had this song stuck in my freakin head all week, its called Buddy Holly by the weezers.. its such and old 80s song which is still an awesome song till today for me…

here is the link for the vid.. some of u might recognise the vid or the song it self… so enjoy!



Exams! Panic (In my) Room! >.<" / got a new toy!

omfg!! exams again! 13 really really fast weeks! i m practically pullin my hairs rite now! (exaggeration) . i don’t do hair pullin i think its stupid really… its not ur hair’s fault! lol! XD …
First paper this friday accounts! i actually havn’t started revisin for accounts since i have done it b4… but i was really diggin my books n making post its every where on my notes and Biz Law text… Now thats the real hurdle!

anyways today is the same as the past week as well as monday n tues… buryin my head in books, and my dad constantly tellin me to “study like a dog” every nite when he checks on me after he ate his dinner… and my mum will constantly push me to hang the laundries and also to go to 1u to buy groceries for her >< geess all the distractions… and when they hear music comin from my ipod through my sterio they will tell me, “i thought u get distracted..” Music is fine with me, soothing music that is… but not the constant babling of talk to my ears and also the tv on with ” Ugly betty”, Desperate housewives” on tempting but i have to tell my self to refrain !!! LOL !

oh i got my self a new toy! i ditched my bad monkey like ages ago for a better stomp box that gives me better drive and smoothness that i want… so i got my self a Roland SD-1 Keeley modified cost me 400rm worth it tho… gave me the kind of sound that i want and also a versatile pedal as i can use it a a lead to boost my sound with the aid of my Mxr Doubleshot dist and the Ibanez Ts9 dx.. the ibanez is pretty similar with my new SD-1 but it lacks the attack that i want for solos.. so this new toy gives me the extra attack and fatness from my di mazzio pickups on my guitar.. worthwhile buy ….

Danny New


Finally i have found some time.

HEy all fellow blog readers!

I manage to find some time to rejuvenate and revive my blog (after revisions and burying in my books…) and to update you guys on what i have been up to recently!

I m currently on my 1st year 2nd sem at Monash Uni in the Sunway Campus pursuing my Bach of Business degree…

I have been more deligent this sem dedicating my time to less distractions as i did not score well in my last sem.

So this sem i have been focusing on a few things: music, food, church and my studies. My hobbies as most of u guys know is that i enjoy playing on my guitar and violin, and i will go to studios and also gigs earn some extra pocket money and also having fun jamin with my mates!

Recently i have suddenly have a suddent addiction to blues and jazz music which i used to enjoy as a kid as i grew up in the states listening to live performances of jazz musicians such as the likes of Paul Anka, Sinatra, Norah Jones are some of the more renowned artist who made if from doing gigs to being famous musicians. I hav a really big passion for performing and doing my thing on stage showcasing the beauty of music. I grew up learning the piano till grade 3 but i wanted to learn an instrument that was portable and versatile, so i picked up the violin. Till i was at the age of 15 i have learned the violin for 8 years completing till grade 7 Cambridge London board of musics at high school in Bangkok Patana International School and i m proud to say that i was in my school’s Symphony Orchestra as 1st Violin, 2nd seat which is next to my friend Lisa Tangthongtavee, who is like the goddess of violins and she is the lead violinist in our school. Me and Lisa were also part of the SEASAC which is an event where most of the international schools from all the south east Asian country gather for Sports events (Golf, bowling, soccer, rugby, badminton, tennis, squash, Olympics stuff, trilathon, the performing arts fest and etc.

This event was my last year in Bangkok which i think was 2005 where my family and i left to come back to Malaysia in September, where i joined CIMP and met some great frens(Joseph! Wei LEE! Calvin! and others as well XD) I was part of the music fest! ;p the performing arts fest consist of unplugged, plugged concerts and also the Chamber symphony Orchestra. i was part of all 3 ;p The best of the 3 was the Chamber symphony Orchestra, it consist of 65 violinist, violas and bass, 10 percussionist, 24 woodwinds and brass instruments. we played a few of the old classics such as Danny Boy (i know it has my name ;p) a famous irish classic, a Tchaikovsky piece which i cant rember the name, Spring time for hitler (from the producers – a Broadway classic), West side story and also Pechabel’s canon. i was part of a 10 student unplugged band, 3 singers, 2 acoustic guitars (one of them is me ;p) 1 bassist, a drummer, pianist, 1 percussionist and a violin (Lisa). we played 3 songs, one was Someday we’ll know – new radicals acoustic version, Message in the bottle by the Police, our very own jazz version and last but not least Somewhere Over the RAinbow, Jazz acoustic as well! That was the best event that i have ever been part of, not just the parts that i have been in but also the plugged concert was fantastic lol with Rish and his band doing his version of Maralyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams (great impersinator at our school), a girl band doing Cranberries- Zombie ( ALL GIRLS! from drummer, guitarist to singer!).

Anyways back to present days!
Yea.. i have been workin on some jazz blues stuff and i was so excited to hear that Joseph has been doing his own demos with his effects and the software playing some jazzy blues kicks which was not bad! Not bad at all! just a constructive criticism Joseph! make the drum beats and ur rythem soudn levels lower than ur lead parts cause its a lil like traffic where its so much sound buzzing all over! So, make the lead part more prominent so we can hear ur skills!

So yea.. thats my life so far… been more channeled to music and also studies!

for this coming holidays 4 months !!! OH i have decided not to take summer course this sem.. i wan a holiday! XD … anyways i have a few things that i want to do for this Christmas holidays!

  1. Joseph has been workin and playin around with the software and came up with some great clips of his songs that he made. So it got me thinking…. y not i do the same thing! if Joseph permits me! XD i would like to help him out in his stuff he has been workin on! Cause when i was in Thailand, i had a band which we recorded stuff doing covers of different artist mainly jazz such as Norah Jones stuff as well, as our main singer is Nun, a talented singer with a rich husky reedy voice such as the likes of Norah Jones and also John Mayer. I actually had a live clip of one which was very bossanova swing style acoustic jazz like version of one of Norah Jones songs that we covered! Remind me to let u guys have a listen!….
  2. I am going to plan a christmas party with some of my mates for all of my friends to come and have a good time of talkin, eating and also games!
  3. My initial plan was to invest in a new electric guitar but i have changed my mindset as i have decided to stick to my Aria STG, and i changed my pick-ups to Di Mazzio pick-ups to bring out the bright fat sound of a fender strat and also the versatility of my effects to change my sound to a Gibson lespaul with my humbuckers! woot! i am also planning to get a pedal board to fit my pedals.. as i have been upgrading my arsenal of stomp boxes

well this my list so far, i m yet to think of other things that i wanna improve XD

so i gtg study now ><

Danny NEw