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You don’t make a big deal about your sexuality but you’re also not purposely hiding it either — two traits that naturally draw people to you. You’ve got an understated zest for life and all its pleasures and tackle each day with spirit. As a teenager, were you maybe a little on the quiet side? We wouldn’t be surprised, but underneath your quiet exterior you have an undeniable sweetness that attracts people who see that special something and want to see a little more.

Is it the way you dress? Your laugh? The way you speak up at just the right time during a meeting? Those who know you intimately can’t wait to uncover more. Because underneath that innocent smile you’ve probably got a few little secrets. But you’ll never tell. Or will you?


UPDATE!!! since….. sept 17th 07!!!! XD

ok… well… its been a while hasn’t it… well a few excuses… is that i was so busy… u can check with my personal blog… tis also not updated!!!! yea… was working since then… 3 jobs at once!!!! yea… was super busy then… i quit my jobs at the end of September, but the one in salvation was till Jan, cause am gonna b busy for CNY..

yup! so happened that i forgot about this blog -.- haha since its been collecting dust for about 3 months… yea… so when Petrina mentioned about it… i was like …. omg! forgot about it totally!…yea n its good to hear that people do check this blog haha to keep updated with cell back at home!

yes… 2 days ago… as in Friday, despite… only being 4 of us (Daniel T, Petrina, Ven Xhin and myself), we had a whole lotta fun!

yea, we did worship and word…

(haha … i didn’t remember that this was taken..;p)
(listening intently to Ven Xhin who did word for this week ;p)

ok… u know… the pics were of different settings cause… we decided to take the 2nd picture of us doing word as well… so such posers as we were… we decided to take another one ;p

yes and as usual we had our refreshments and this week they were…..

choc and blueberry cupcakes!!!!!!

oo… did u wonder what happen to ice breakers???

well since we have such great facilities at Campus Town, we decided to have a……

Pool Competition!

(haha the teams are actually colour co-ordinated.. as pointed out by Ven Xhin ; p
so its the Black tees Vs. White Tees !!)

The first 2 games was owning as we ( Petrina and myself) won the first 2 games!!!

(muahaha.!!!! winners picture!)

Awww too bad!!!! lol!

LOL! i am tempted to say that the pool game was so un-challenging thats y i decided to play darts ;p … but haha… i just decided to play darts at the same time when tis not my turn in pool…

XD since we were having sooooo much fun playing pool ;p we decided to play one more game!! this was a close game as Daniel T and Ven Xhin.. were getting their game on and ever determined to win as they were getting better at the game!
it was down to the last black 8 ball!!!

and the winners were…

Ven Xhin & Daniel T!!!!!!

we lost! we were dumbfounded! we were… losers!!!!! XD

yea… i guess u can say that we gave them chance to win la.. as a last saving grace… hehe… since we won 2 already woot!!!! so yea we had a great time finished at like just after midnight.. . what a night!!!!