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1st day in Cameron Highlands! (Tuesday)

 Hey all! It is my very first time at Cameron Highlands and already I am loving the cold cold winds and the scenery.. absolutely fantastic! 

For me and my bro is our first time and we wer just remenicing how it is almost as cold as it was in Hong Kong and a lil’ bit like old NYC as in the weather during summer. 

Here are pictures of our trip on the first day! 


Lunch at Water Cress Farm! Delicious!

Lunch at Water Cress Farm! Delicious!


The hotel

The hotel


HOtel Lobby small

The Apartment1

The Apartments

The Apartments


Best Strawberry Naan!

Best Strawberry Naan!

More updates on my 2nd and 3rd day soon!


3 thoughts on “1st day in Cameron Highlands! (Tuesday)

  1. Hey! That hotel looks like the one i stayed in when I was there a few years back! bugger it hasn’t changed at all. no money ah that place? LOL!

    • Lol! I stayed at Equestorial .. if that’s how it’s spelt… I stayed in a Apartment hotel thing.. it was really nice…

      but the apartment is owned by my dad’s company.. and its managed by the hotel.. (i.e cleaning and stuff.) it was nice now not peak season so I dunno how the hotel was before… but the apartments are way better than the hotel rooms la..

      • hey Wendy!
        I agree Jogoya is not an authentic Jap cuisine actually i never really enjoyed was just so so… But thanks for the recommendation! I will try out that restaurant u recommended and blog about it!

        Am going to Umaiya (located in Damansara Uptown) this Saturday for the Japanese lunch buffet for the first time. Heard that the Salmon sashimi is really fresh and finish pretty quickly!

        Have you eaten there before? Would appreciate your recommendation!


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