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Life as it is. Can’t complain really.

I’ve just completed my first month of my career in Advertising!

Thing is I still haven’t sorted out paper work for my salary and stuff! I’ve been so couped up in the office that I don’t even have time to fill those out! How am I gonna get my salary! D:

How am I gonna get the things that I want?

Currently on my shopping list… these are what I am eyeing (below)!

Nike SB Dunk High “Red Devil”

Nike SB Dunk High "Red Devil"

A really nice Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket

I need to get a smart casual jacket too! In case we have an impromtu meeting with the clients or the big bosses!

Pharell Williams so good at his fashion sense!

A new electric guitar!

New electric guitar

Fancy bag to take to work 🙂 (Something like this would be shiek!)

ASOS Wolfgang Backpack

A fancy metal flask that speaks “I’m ECO Friendly!”

Fancy eco friendly flask

Fancy eco friendly flask

Perhaps I should have my own potted plant in the office 😉

Also, I gotta get myself a fancy mug for the office!

Punch Mug

Or a cool and medieval goblet!

Jason goblet (Now this is AWESOME)

Probably one of the most important things that I would need at work is a really good planner/or a calender/wall planner, as the nature of my job requires timely matters!

Moleskin planner

Probably a nice ukelele or a guitar at the office to take away the blues and have some fun! : )


Well… one day I would really wanna work like this!

Office by the beach

That would definitely be awesome to work in such an awesome environment. Probably something like in Phuket or Phi Phi!

Then I would feel like this everyday : )


Lovin’ life at the moment. Can’t complain really, cause God has given me so much more than what I asked for!

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New life in Canberra

Gosh… it seems like ages ago when it was only last Thursday, that I departed from KLIA at 10:30p.m from my friends, relatives, the band members and ultimately my family. I can’t really describe how I feel arriving and starting a new chapter in my life in Canberra for the next year. It definitely has been a huge impact in my life as I move to a new place especially when I just turned 21 last Tuesday!

Well, last week was a pretty rough one as I’ve to get used to the cold cold weather over here. Funny thing was, I went to the mall which was about 15 mins walk (as I’ve not gotten used to the public transport system over here), I forgot to buy myself a quilt! Even though, I had a heater in my room, It was still freezing cold, as I found out that it was 2 Degree Celsius that night…. So every night I’ve been looking forward to the shower where I can stand under the heated water!

It has also been a whole week of spending as, well with lots of stuff to buy, such as my pillow, quilt, cooking utensils, shampoo, food and so on… the cost was crazy! And to my house mates, I’ve spent very little to them! I must have spent over AUD $700-800 which is roughly 4 –  5 weeks worth of rent!

I’ve to thank God, that I’ve been really really blessed to have really nice house mates and that my living quarters are really really clean and to even get a room on campus, as many are really unlucky and can’t get a room on campus! It is also such a small world that I get to meet Doris who happen to be my senior’s girlfriend and also knows Leonard (my band member)!

This week was O-Week, which is basically orientation. As I’ve enrolled in my units the week before, I pretty much did the bulk of everything and just have to wait for my units to be confirmed, which 3 of 4 of my tutorial units are! Thank God!

Other events that run though out O-Week were workshops and sessions such as:

  1. Adjusting to living and studying in Canberra
  2. Smart Study @ UC sessions
  3. Overseas Students Health Cover (for my health insurance)
  4. International Student Visa conditions
  5. Accommodation Support
  6. International Food Fair (Free Lunch)
  7. Free Sausage Sizzle Lunch
  8. Bus & boat trip Canberra Tour

Theses basically ran over Monday to Friday. I had lots of fun in the sessions as we all get to meet people from different nations around the world and to learn from each other and help each other adapt to our new living. Of course everyone expects me to say that the International food fair and the sausage sizzle was the best… lol well it was alright hahaha! The Bus and boat trip was pretty boring as we got to see the Parliment house, War Museum which took a long time today!

I also got to see fraternities available on campus! I joined a All Malaysian Society whom I met at the International food fair, the Advertising & Marketing Society (AMS) which is really cool as there are trips to visit Sydney and Melbourne to get connected to the Advertising  industry in Australia, then there is iFocus, which is essentially a bible study group on campus that runs every Wednesday night, and lastly the UC School of Rock! hahahaha.. which basically gets musicians together, form bands, and organizes gigs all over Canberra (which I’m so looking forward to)!

I have also been looking for a church that suits me, as I visited St. Chandlers Church last Sunday, this week I will be visiting Life City Church on Sunday morning and in the evening to ANU to visit another church! I hope that I can find one which I am able to be comfortable and to serve as well!

I’ve been in touch with my culinary side as well! I’ve been cooking stir fried beef with veg and rice, which has been pretty awesome, and it’s be oh so comforting to eat rice on a cold cold night!

Well.. I hope to get my camera soon, or if not wait for my iphone 4 to arrive in 3 weeks!

Well, that’s all the updates for me so far. Next time will be pictures of my campus, my room/house and so on! So, akan datang!

Oh last but not least, I managed to locate a few nice instrument stores, which I will visit soon enough!

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I got new kicks!! :D Thks Mum & Dad!

Ahh! I got one of my wishes come true!

I was suppse to get new Zara sneakers but pitty new season’s not in yet! 😦 but… I will wait till they come! 😀

I got the surprise when my dad suddenly gave me this bag with a Nike Box!!! he got me this pair of Sneakers that I have been eying for awhile now!! Its the NIKE Sweet Classic AP! In my fav colour as well! White, Red!

My new Nike 'Sweet Classics'!

My new Nike 'Sweet Classics AP' in White n Red!!OMG-ness!

Well now 4 more gifts to go! 😀

  1. New Zara shoes/sneakers!
  2. A Belt!
  3. Cool pair of shades
  4. Good quality guitar patch cables
  5. a few Graphic Tees – size XLs

Thx Mum! Dad! For the wonderful dinner at that Thai Restaurant and thx for the presents!

Thx to all those who made my 20th birthday really awesome! Love you guys!


Danny Boy

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Oh My God!!! Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti Warehouse Sale!

Let me tell you this…

DannyBoy is back and running again! THough am amidst my exams but I managed to find time to blog! Apologies to my faithful readers!

To kick things off… I had a blast at the Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti Warehouse Sale!

Warehouse Clearance Bunting

Warehouse Clearance Bunting

It was definitely an awesome experience.. Think about the recent flick a month back, Confessions of a Shopaholic, where the scene where all the women went berserk and crazy at a sale? It was exactly as crazy!

My self and 2 fellow Fashionistas were there at approximately 10:15 a.m 45 mins before the doors open! Yes… we are crazy and its a sale.. and we were not the only ones!

There was already 2 queues!

The queue 45 mins before Opening at 11 a.m

The queue 45 mins before Opening at 11 a.m

It started to get crowded and crowded until there was really no point in having a queue in the first place! People started to cut in is now like a stampede! Everyone was packed like a can of tuna, people pushing and shoving to try to get it first and basically… Grab the best first!!!!

Growing queue as Opening draws near!

Growing queue as Opening draws near!

Crowded like canned tuna!

Crowded like canned tuna!

People were so desperate to come in that they were getting more violent where while we were enjoying ourselves in the vacinity, people were screaming and shouting and trying to force themselves in until the sliding wall doors were vibrating and moving and one or two of the sliding doors came off! They even had to stick tape on to the glass so that it won’t shatter!


Taped sliding glass doors

Security with Hailers to help suppress violent crowd

Security with Hailers to help suppress violent crowd

Crazy people! Gosh BE CIVILIZED! The bouncers outside had to scream at the screaming people outside and prevent a havoc accoring! Good job security! It’s only la people! … SALE… HAHAHAH!!! Too bad! you guys came later so too bad! All the nice clothes are mine! Muahahha!! …

When I got in… it felt weird and treasure hunt like… and my single and main mission was to find all the things that I want fast and quick before someone lays hands and eyes on my ‘precious’!

There was so much on dirt cheap and rediculous prices! Almost a give away!

Rm9.90 , Rm 29.90, Rm 39.90, RM 49.90, Rm 59.90… I was in awe! I mean.. ZARA! Pull & Bear! & Massimo!!!

Ok.. normally warehouse sale means really crappy dented and not 100% quality products or has faults in it! But no… it was freaking the really thing! I asked the saleswomen nearby and she said that the new season is arriving soon and strictly all of this season has to go before the season ends!

I was shocked i managed to capture pictures …. normally there would be like.. no cameras, no food and no bags signs… but there wasn’t any so i just clicked away! But they did tie up hand bags and totes to prevent theft obviously.

My fellow fashionistas got a pair of gorgeous suade Massimo Dutti heels for only Rm169.90 when the normal price is Rm500.oo! She got a few other tops as well. but all were in the range of Rm 19.90 to 39.90!

Myself? Hehe…

I got this Zara hoodie for RM 69.90! Original price:  Rm 199.90!

My new hoodie!

My new hoodie!


The original price....

The original price....

Zara Accessories Dark Blue Scarf for Rm 29.90! Original price: Rm119.90!

New Dark Blue Scarf!

New Dark Blue Scarf!


the ori price!

the ori price!

Xdye accessories by Pull & Bear Belt at Rm19.90! Original price: Rm 139.90!


My New and 1st P&B belt!



Original Price total: Rm 459.70

Total Spent: Rm 119.70!

And you may ask.. only?? Well.. thing is the stuff there for guys (am not sure on the girls) there are more XXL than the regulars.. I heard one dude cursing that there were only sizes for big people and there was no S or M.. In my mind I was like… hehe … that’s why I am here.. HAHAHA!!!

On a normal day, I would be buying loads of stuff and don’t care how much as long as the quality was good and it was worth it and cheap! But.. I put a cap on myself today. I only brought RM 210 with me and no ATM cards! Had to limit and not be a shopaholic!

“I am Danny, I went to the Zara,  Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti Warehouse Sale and I only spent Rm 119.70! And I am NOT a Shopaholic!”

*Big Smiles*

*Shopaholic Anonymous group applauds and gave a standing ovation!*

Hehe.. Am dreaming! 🙂

For more info refer to the first picture of this post!

Cheers and Shopaholics unite!

For more pictures click here!

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[Movie Review] Confessions of A Shopaholic

I just watched this movie with my fellow Epicurean and Fashionistas on Monday night, Sarah & Esther! I could not have picked a more perfect pair of good friends to watch with especially when it comes to Epicureanism and Fashionista!

Fashionista & Epicurean: Sarah Kate Lee
Fashionista & Epicurean: Sarah Kate
Fashionista & Epicurean: Esther

Fashionista & Epicurean: Esther showing off her new buy! Nine West!!

Fashionista & Epicurean: DannyBoy

Fashionista & Epicurean: DannyBoy and Men's August April *09 Issue

We ate at Groovy groovy Sushi Groove… Actually compared to the last time i went to Sushi Groove (over 2 years ago!), the quality of the food was much better than last time and now they are having promotion on 50%off on selected items and the food was of satisfactory level! Nothing much to shout about its just honest, decent food at a good price!

Esther 7 Sarah at Sushi Groove

Esther & Sarah at Sushi Groove

Me Enjoying my food!

Me Enjoying my food!

After eating we headed straight for the movie that we have been dying to watch!



I must say Confessions of A shopaholic from the movie and the book is so  erm different (as per normal with movies nowadays.. I call it the Harry Potter effect). Ok.. the book Confessions of A Shopaholic is the first book in a 5 part collection series of Rebecca Bloomwood’s life. The movie showed from the first book to the 3rd or 4th book compressed in a one hour and a half film! I tell you! The movie was very speedy! The small little details from the first book and second are all like.. not existant in the movie! And actually she only meets the editor of the Savings magazine on the 3rd book! That was how compressed the movie was!

But on a lighter note. For those who have not read the book.. I would say that it was a fun and entertaining movie.. well so are all chick flicks!  It was really good and there were lots of ‘oooo’, ‘Ahh’ and other expressions from the audiences in the movie theatre.

Here are the quotes that I love from the movie:

I can’t find the quote to my favourite line in the movie. It is when Rebecca Bloomwood was at one her first meeting at the Shopaholic Anonymous where she just describesthe feeling of shopping! I was like drulling and like going crazy in my heart like I wanna explode! 😀

“When I was 7 most of my friends stopped believing in magic. That’s when I first started. They were beautiful, they were happy. They didn’t even need any money, they had magic cards.”

“You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see a store. Only it’s better.”

“We all have a destiny in life and since 14 I knew I was put on this earth to shop.”

“I’m Rebecca Bloomwoodand I’m a shopaholic.”

I’ve made so many mistakes and I feel like taking this job would be another one.”

“When I shop the world gets better, the world is better; and then it’s not anymore and I have to do it again.”

I just loved those quotes! I was like going to stand up and run out of the cinema and head straight to Zara! LOL!

THere will definately be a sequel to the movie haha! There are more to the series! (hints: think.. marriage, babies?) Oops! hehe…

My rating : 6/10

After the movie, us three went to Zara straight to have a look at their SALE, pity its only the lady’s stuff having the major mark downs.. I kinda won’t be surprised if saw a mob of ladies lining up in waiting to enter the sale and grab and fight over the clothes just like in Shopaholic hehe… I saw a really nice pair of sneakers in Zara.. maybe getting my new pair soon! My converse is in a mess!