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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: How I am helping and you can too!

Pray For Japan


Hey all,

We all have heard of what happened and Japan is in the state f National Emergency and  a disaster that has brought me close to tears.

I’ve been praying for my Japanese friends who have family back in Japan and also for the people and the nation, and for the surrounding nations to swiftly send aid to Japan.

I’ve been thinking to myself, is prayer enough? And I came to a decision that I want to help as much as I can in this cause. I’m still a student, and there is only so much that I can do to help.

So I make the most of it and chose a few things that I could do.

  1. I just pre-ordered a “Army for Japan” Shirt, where my proceeds will be donated to the Japanese recovery effort by Salvation Army. (Click on the photo for the link)

    My Army for Japan shirt receipt

    Army For Japan shirt

    Army For Japan shirt by Salvation Army

  2. I’ve sent an online donation to the Australian Red Cross of AUD$20 , where all proceeds will be used to provide equipment, and medical supplies for this relief and to those in need. 

    My donation to the Red Cross Japan & Pacific Disaster 2011

  3. A group of my friends at university is putting together donations and sending at least one Shelter Box (of aid) to Japan to provide supplies which contains a shelter made by Vango (leading tent manufacturer), A Smile (which contains drawing pads, books, colour pens and crayons), Warmth and Protection (contains thermal blankets, insulated ground sheets, mosquito nets and water purification equipment), Self Sufficiency (a survival tool kit: hammer, axe, saw, shovel, wire cutters and other tools), Fit for purpose box for storage of things, a heart at home kit (containing: a multi stove kit (specially designed to use things in the environment to run the stove and to provide food for a family), and other equipments. So my mission is to donate a further $20 for this effort to provide at least a Shelter box to Japan. (Click on picture below for more info!)

    Shelter Box

  4. I will be fasting lunch for a week starting 14th March – 20th March 2011, as well as dedicating an extra half an hour of each of my work outs to the Japan & Pacific disaster.

So I am doing my part by donating $100 of what I can afford and also my time to this cause.

My friends, your family and citizens of Japan, my prayers are with you and I hope that my part can help you get back on to your feet.

So what are you going to do to help? Below are some links (with organizations and NGOs) on how you can help and make a difference:


Help Japan

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My 2009 New Year’s Resolution

  1. Tame the bulge! – I know I know.. it is probably on everybody’s resolution every year, but for me I really should!  
  2. Save money!! – For me I am most of the time an impulse consumer, and sometimes I spend without thinking of the budget I set aside.. so Save MONEY!
  3. To be more confident, focused and know what I want.
  4. Explore more about myself & learn something new. For me,the things that I love to do on my own is cooking and exploring enw recipies and ideas, playing and listening to music, watching movies and my favourite soap-operas 90210, Heroes and Gossip Girls! 
  5. Explore and broaden my music playing genre.Most of my friends know that I listen to all kinds of music and always exploring new music to listen to all the time! Yes.. most of you also know that I play the guitar and the violin. I play lots of blues and guitar influence is John Mayer, Incubus and other artist. So, I am going to explore into other music genre’s to increase my playing knowledge. I am done with Blues, am going to kick the year of by starting with Rock!  
  6. Get more organized and be more responsible in my life.