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14hrs wait…came out empty handed

Myself and a friend were waiting in for this amazing promo by Digi, where they are promoting the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for only Rm99 and RM58 per month for the BerrySmart plan.. which is darn worth it! (link here)

The problem is this… Digi should have anticipated the largeness of the crowd and hype over this along with other of its promotions, especially from it’s first 2 days of experience they should have expected a crowd for the weekend and should have sorted out a system where it is only fair for those who wait in line to be able to wait and queue..

My friend and I were the first to come at 7:45  pm to queue up and the line later grew to 20 and 30 people and naturally we were told to leave there at 10:30 since 1U was going to close.

So we came up with a system where we had a list where those who came first and those following in at later times were to put our names on a list of paper where we know who came first, as we thought it would only be fair. We waited outside behind the FlyFm stage…

The security guards told us that we had to wait for them to open at 6 am which we did.. when it reached 6 pm  we had 92 people on the list who have waited.. but all hell broke loose, as there were a bunch of guys who just ran in and caused people to get hurt.. my friend suffered the worst.. she was really the one who deserves the standing O since she first came up with the list idea and got assaulted by a guy who pushed her and she got whipped lashed and hit the back of her head and got her arms hurt and was pushed and shoved by the same guy.. wth??? He hit a girl!! I was really really proud of how though she was.. and she did well as she managed to hit the guy in the face.. and thank God there were others who pinned the guy who assaulted her to the walls and another trouble maker was also stopped by new friends that we made…

When we reached back in to the malll.. they had shutters down at the Oval… it was a first time in a long time 1U had shutters down at the oval in awhile since i work on recces and events.

We were shocked to see others there waiting as well.. i guess there were definitely over 200 people in total including those who were with we just waited by the shutters and it was so packed like a can of tuna that I had to stand.. good thing my friend could have enough space to grab a seat… it was quite  scary to see her hand shake so much from adrenaline rush.. when she was smsing on her phone… after the commotion with the assault…I have really realy painful limbs rite now… even as i write this …. I am aching all over….

According to one of the promoters who were  lining up with us for friends.. she was told that the Digi people were trying to think of a solution to manage the “overwhelming response” … what in the world??? Such a big telco company and they did not anticipate and preamp the possibility of this happening… great… well done…

When the Digi people came… they came up with a decision that everyone had to disperse and get off the ground floor so that Digi can set up and open the shutters and discuss how they were to handle the situation with the security of 1U… Digi told us that they will let everyone line up when everyone dispersed from the Ground floor.. we though obviously it will take a long time because people did not disperse… some hid in the toilets behind evelyn and crabtree, some were obedient and went to the floor above.. myself we were obedient and we were outside of chatter box.. and we sent one person in consistently to check on the situation. then we a drink at Kluang station so that in case we did not hear the call from Digi..

To my shock… there was already a line waiting at the Digi shutters where there is the entrance into the queue behind the shutters, and the digi people and the security discussing in the Digi event floor area on what to do.. and the dispersing obviously was not effective as they did not get people to really disperse…

When the Digi people and the security have finished their discussion.. the Digi guy said: ” OK! the line starts here.” I was like.. what the hell???? He pointed at the line infront of him which had 30 plus people…

I was like.. wth???? people were not suppose to line up yet and there was not suppose to be a line???

We all rushed to the lines along with 200 plus other people and we were lined up pretty close enough for contention for the 44 Blackberry Curve which was the one that we wanted…

Then to my freaking shock.. the dude said.. “Priority is  DIGI CUSTOMERS FIRST” Everyone in the line were freaking shocked and angry as it did not state anywhere that Digi customers had first priority!

Shoudn’t Digi open the lines as it is where there are others who were from Maxis and Celcom, Potential NEW Customers, who are willing to trade and SWITCH to DIGI.. I have been a Maxis user for 5 years since coming back from Overseas… and I was willing to pledge my allegiance to DIGI!

I saw bunches and bunches of people leaving and I saw tears streaming down this lady and she mumbled that it was not fair that she lined up for over 10 hrs and being treated like this .. what customer service is this??

TO make matters worse….. My 2 friends, one who came in the morning.. were in front of me, one was a digi customer for 11 years and he was so he was happy and my other friend who was with me for 14 hrs, were right behind 3 people who went in and when they announced that the 44 blackberries were finished!

And the guy who was in charge of the line said that we could not go in, and we could only go in to buy a HP Mini NetBook.

So they guy told us to get off the line. The Digi people were super rude not just the main guy but also his other staff..

What we found out later was that there were a few people who were blacklisted and also did not want the blackberry curve in the end… I was freaking furious! I was like.. If we were not told to get off the line.. we would have got our Blackberry! The dude freaking shooed us off and told us u can’t go in. you have to buy the HP mini then u can go in. WTH????

I found out from one of the promoter girls later that at the start of the queue for those who managed to enter beyond the shutters… that they just ticked what the people wanted… that’s how they determine what people wanted thats how they came up that 44 blackberries were finishd!


DIGI should have checked the phone numbers on the spot whether there were blacklisted or those who are outstanding !!

If they did that we would have been in line for the blackberry and not being freaking shooed off!

We were freaking complaining and there were others too who was complaining….

I was surprised to see my dad in 1U and i told him the torture that i went through.. and he was furious and shelled at the the digi managers (or whoever the person incharge is).  Apologies are not enough…No matter how Apologetic they try to look…  as the saying goes.. Sorry No Cure….

My friend who has been a loyal customer for 11 years, has decided to switch camp to another telco.. So Digi might have gaind more loyalty from their existing DiGi clients… BUT they definitely lost a lot of potential new Digi users the last few days… bad reputation… word of mouth does spread like a disease…

I can imagine the competitors looking at this as a big joke and a potential advantage point for them to pounce with a new promo of some sort… Wonder if it will hit the papers 2mr.. hint.  saw a journalist there… Knew he was a journalist since he was the one that talked to me!

Blogs will definately be filled with an event like this…

to view my rants on twitter to Digi Telco @Dannyboy242 click here.

For a big big company like Digi, I am really shocked at bad event management, customers treated badly by the staff and yelled at…. and did not have a system..

Bottomline is.. my friends and I should have gotten a Blackberry if they had checked the registrations at the line itself… to see if people were blacklisted or had something outstanding… 4 people were blacklisted from the line in front and 3 did not want a blackberry in the end… we were next inline right in front.. when the guyed told us to go away…

Digi’s Tweeter Bio says:

“At DiGi, your needs are at the centre of everything we do. Whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be, we’re there for you!”

This is such a contradictory statement from Digi as myself and definitely others who did not feel that. I was not treated like Digi was there for me, and definately did not feel that customers are not the centre of everything that they do.. as evident from this ghastly nightmare of an event that happened…

I wasted my time 14hrs, I’m aching all over, I was cheated.. and thrown aside like some rubbish.. thats how Digi treat customers?

The only compensation I will settle for the least is for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 that I came for, after my friend complained. Digi is getting one for her later during the week..

I want the same …. its only fair.. for what I have been through..

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I am still alive!

hey Guys!!

I amr eally sorry for the unforseen haitus due to many cercumstances..

Firstly, my laptop windows was corrupted! I had to take at least 2 weeks now to find out the problem and had to get my important documents out. Good thing I got good friends who can give really good advice! Thx guys!!

So.. temporarily and hopefully not too long… I will be able to get my laptop back.. and stop using my stupid desktop now…

It is a HP Pavilion f1503 which is clse to 6 years old and running on 40GB hard drive and it is also conked and i can’t really access my twitter and also blog and upload pictures! Takes too long!! And I can’t download stuff cause it needs space to be able to temporarily save before I can transfer the files to my external and my thumbdrive..

I have been really depressed cause first.. I left my iPod in my pocket and it went through the washing machine and it broke… then my laptop! So, I have been playing emo songs on my guitar in the room…

Imagine, no music, no internet, no online, no msn… no twitter… I feel so weird… Look at what technology has done! We have became too dependable on technology nowadays and it is affecting me badly…

I still ponder to myself, what ifs.. but its in the past…

I hope I can start blogging effectively after this set back! I will be back stronger!!! and Updates will come sooN!!!!! Stay Tuned!!


That’s what friends are for…

I found two posts by 2 bloggers and it really does voice out from my heart in the situation I am facing right now. Where I tried so hard and my efforts are in vain… Thank You to the authors of  beauty80 and Things I’ll Never Say for the two touching posts and it does touch my heart.

Below are the two posts that made my day and let me know that I am not the only one who is going through this or went through this….

Friends come and go.

I thought we’re friends. Like close friends. But recently, just recently. I’m feeling no connection at all. No conversation. Empty. Maybe i was wrong, i kept myself assuming we’re friends. Or maybe i’ve done something wrong? I don’t know. and I don’t care.

Yeah. Just now, I don’t care.

Then, there is a new friend of mine coming to me. Telling me her problems in life and friends. It was touching, of course.

She told me “I’m tired looking for real friends here in college”,

i told her. “Hey, don’t i look like a real friend to you?”

… then, a new friendship was born. I’m hoping this friendship to last long.


Simple vs Real – FRIENDS

Anyone can stand by you when you are right, but a Friend will stand by you even when you are wrong…
A simple friend identifies himself when he calls. A real friend doesn’t have to.
A simple friend opens a conversation with a full news bulletin on his life.
A real friend says, “What’s new with you?”
A simple friend thinks the problems you whine about are recent.
A real friend says, “You’ve been whining about the same thing for 14 years. Get off your duff and do something about it.”
A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.
A simple friend doesn’t know your parents’ first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.
A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.
A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.
A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.
A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
A real friend knows that it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight.
A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to always be there for you!


Am I the problem?

Recently I feel like an outcast in my class.

I thought it was just me .. but i got my confirmation…

It is me who is having problems with the class.. its them.. I have nothing against them. Its them who has a problem with me.. I found out some of the reasons.. but not all.. But if really there is a problem with me.. then why don’t you tell me?

Gosh! Sometimes I find that most Malaysians are more reserved and won’t say things to you but instead behind your back.

I am fine with people talking behind my back, but it reflects in your actions by ostracising me, am not included for lunch or joining you guys for movie or social activity. But I am not saying that you have to invite me all the time, its just what happened to the times in first sem? I fell like I m suddenly shut off from the class.. I feel like you guys only talk to me when it is about the group assignment or asking me a question.

As a “TRIVIA” , I have not had not had a proper conversation with any of my close friends in college since the middle of second semester. Proper conversation meaning that I haven’t had a proper chat like friends should, like sharing about how’s life, talking about stuff.. and doing friend activities.

I do not understand what is going on really. It is not me ostracizing anyone for that matter. I have no qualms or anything against any of my friends at all!

As i said in the email that i sent to all of you. Is there any thing wrong with me? What did I do? Why the sudden change in attitude againts me or for what so ever reason?

Tell me! Cause if not how am I suppose to know I have a problem? How am I going to improve for myself in future?

Cause that is what friends are for, if there is anything wrong we look out for one another, we hang out we socialize we are a part of each other’s life, if there is a problem we voice out and we also help each other.

I was sharing this problem with another friend and do you know what she said?

‘Gosh they are so mean! If they have a problem with you, Danny, they should tell you! Not ignoring you!”

So do I have Friends in college?

Do I need “Friends” who do not care? Why should I be waisting my time with so called “Friends” , if they do not act like one.

There is a quote which say.. “No man is an island…”

I feel like an island in my class…

Life, Music

I’m finally letting it out after 2 years of frustration….

I have to say you have to know when to cross the line, in everything that you do.

For a musician. I notice that there are 2 types of musicians. One who is so theoretically based over feel of the music, and one who feels the music over theories.

I’m the second type. Feel the music. When it comes to music expressions I do that. I look at the lyrics, decipher the meaning and play according to that feel and the emotion which runs through me and my own interpretation of the songs.

I do understand that theories are also important yes, but there is a flaw, a huge one for the fact. One can be so great and theories of music is great, but when you do not have feel, you can’t grasp the meaning and emotions that drives through.

I have had enough of people telling what to do, cause I know I am correct in the way I play the music. My brother and another friend of mine had said that when I do not feel the music, I sound quiet, and on my part lose confidence in playing especially in the worship team, I can’t worship. Whenever I feel the song, according to my brother, he notice that I strum the guitar like normal using my arms as well, and he can see that I am feeling the song and ultimately grooving and worshiping.

I have this one person, who doesn’t know what he is talking about and he gets things wrong. Since the first day that I have been on the worship team, I have been criticized by him. I know that some are correct that I am wrong in my playing or so, but now that I have gotten better at the guitar, and I’m now at the best of my life in playing the guitar, I know when I am right and when I am wrong. This guy just talks crap.. ok? I just want to put it direct as I don’t want to talk around the bush.

I do not just voice this out on my own accord and opinion but also others who I do not want to mension the names who have felt the same way, who really can’t “tahan”(can’t take it anymore). I have even tested him on occasions and so have another friend of mine, both are on the worship team and others also who have felt the difficulty working with this person, and has proven so that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I guess its his ego and he is too smart for himself. That is his downfall.

I really can’t take it anymore. How on earth am I suppose to excel in my music abilities? If I am wrong all the time, then might as well I do not play the guitar anymore.

Do you know that it really hurts my morale, confidence in playing the guitar? Imagine you got the feel and you know it is 110% right and to be bombarded and say that it is wrong? He keeps saying that he follows the drum beat. Hello? I do as well ok? If Not HOW DO I GET THE GROOVE AND FEEL OF THE MUSIC!

Jon Koo even knows that when I’m not confident that my playing becomes “shy” and not what I would normally play.

Sometimes I feel that I want to put in a request to not put me in the same worship team as that fella or even to leave the worship team.

Somebody help me…