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Holidays so far & preparing for migration…

Hey guys!

It’s again been a long while since I’ve blogged in this space! Don’t worry guys! This blog will not fade away! It holds lots of memories and important dates just like a personal Autobiography that keeps on writing until the “ink” runs out.

Well I’ve been on holidays since my exams and presentations ended on the 25th of May. I’ve to refer to my diary to keep track of my dates! hahaha… Even’t I don’t remember! Since holidays started, I’ve been busy with gigs and also recordings with my band An Honest Mistake, and the occasional session with A Ruthless Cleansing & Diandra.

Yesterday’s gig was super fun! An Honest Mistake was the featured act brought to you by Monsoon Records Vol.4. It was definitely a great set, comments were, the band was tight, great sound (thanks to the awesome sound man at Laundry) and everyone, including ourselves enjoyed the show!

AHM @ Laundry Bar, presented to you by Monsoon Records

From left: DarrenTeh (Guitar), BaldwinChua (Keys), LeonardChua (Lead Guitar), KevinTan (Bass)

Leonard Chua

Leonard & Sheryl - Best picture for the night!

Myself! the Emo violinist ;p

Awesome photos by Brendan Lee! You can visit more of his photos for the night here, and do visit his webpage as well here!

Other than music, I’ve been busy preparing myself to get ready to head to Canberra to further my studies, will be waiting for my results to be out hopefully by next week! If all is good and no hiccups then I will be flying on the 1st of August and arriving on the 2nd of August.. on my 21st Birthday… what a way to celebrate it on foreign soil… alone… SAD!

My friends and family were saying that they wanted to celebrate it earlier haha… My wish is actually to have a concert for my birthday…. Guess it will be next time then when I come back! Not to fret though, cause I’m only there for a year, so I’ll be back in the beginning of July 2011!

fly away to a new place.. like birds migrating to a new home...

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Saosin Tonight!!!

Saosin Live in KL tonight!!

Finally the day has come!!!  Gosh it was a long 1 month’s wait!!

Thanks to JUNK and co presenters Jupiter Projects for putting up a fight to rain in the californian band here to rock out on our home soil live tonight for the first time!!

Saosin is sure to bring the house down in an amazing show!

KL Live page:

Saosin (click for band page)

And not forgetting our own local home grown artist, LOVE ME BUTCH!

Homegrown Love Me Butch (click for band page)

Watch out for next post!  Saosin Experience in KL!!!


I am still alive!

hey Guys!!

I amr eally sorry for the unforseen haitus due to many cercumstances..

Firstly, my laptop windows was corrupted! I had to take at least 2 weeks now to find out the problem and had to get my important documents out. Good thing I got good friends who can give really good advice! Thx guys!!

So.. temporarily and hopefully not too long… I will be able to get my laptop back.. and stop using my stupid desktop now…

It is a HP Pavilion f1503 which is clse to 6 years old and running on 40GB hard drive and it is also conked and i can’t really access my twitter and also blog and upload pictures! Takes too long!! And I can’t download stuff cause it needs space to be able to temporarily save before I can transfer the files to my external and my thumbdrive..

I have been really depressed cause first.. I left my iPod in my pocket and it went through the washing machine and it broke… then my laptop! So, I have been playing emo songs on my guitar in the room…

Imagine, no music, no internet, no online, no msn… no twitter… I feel so weird… Look at what technology has done! We have became too dependable on technology nowadays and it is affecting me badly…

I still ponder to myself, what ifs.. but its in the past…

I hope I can start blogging effectively after this set back! I will be back stronger!!! and Updates will come sooN!!!!! Stay Tuned!!

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John 5 Squier J5 Telecaster!

John 5, former guitarist for Rob Zombie and Marlyn Manson

John 5, former guitarist for Rob Zombie and Marlyn Manson

OMG! I can’t believe my eyes! John 5 got fender to build an affordable version of his signature Fender Telecaster J5!

This is the J5 Fender Telecaster (click here)

Fender J5 Telecaster

Fender J5 Telecaster


It’s the Squier J5 Telecaster!!! (click here)

J5 Squier Telecaster!

J5 Squier Telecaster! (on the guitar to zoom)


There are obviously a few differences as you can compare the specs in the links below:

John 5’s Fender J5 Telecaster specs (click here)

John 5’s Squier J5 Telecaster specs (click here)


Compare and contrast between the Fender J5 and the Squier J5:

The shade of black is of the Fender J5 & the Squier J5 differs.. but looks the same to me….

Body of the Fender J5 is Ash, while the Squier’s is Alder.

Neck of the Fender J5 is Maple, ’60’s “C” Shape with Gloss Urethane Finish, while the Squire’s is Maple, with Modern “C” Shape with Gloss Polyester Finish.

John 5 with the J5 Squier Tele

John 5 with the J5 Squier Tele


Both the J5 Fender & Squier uses a Rosewood 12″ radius (305 mm) Fingerboard.

Both also have 22 medium Jumbo frets

The Fender J5 uses a Custom Shop “Twisted” Tele Single-Coil (Neck) and the “Enforcer” Humbucker Pickup (Bridge), while the Squier J5 uses a Custom Humbucker Pickup with Alnico 5 magnets (Neck) and a Custom Humbucker with Ceramic Magnet (Bridge)

Both have same Volume knobs for the Neck and Bridge Pickups.

Both also have the same 3 – position toggle.

J5 Bigsby® Telecaster (click here)

Another of John 5's Fender Telecaster signature custom shop series J5 Bigsby® Telecaster (click here)

The Bridge on the Fender J5 is a American Tele 6-Saddle Bridge for Humbucking Pickup with Chromed Brass Saddles, while the Squier J5 is a 6-Saddle Tele® Bridge with Humbucking Pickup Cutout.

The machine heads of the Fender J5 are the Fender®/Schaller® Deluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines, whiles the Squier J5 are the Standard Die-Cast Tuners.

The hardware for the Fender J5 is fully chrome while the Squier J5 is a combination of Chrome/Stainless Steel.

The pickguard for the Fender J5 is Chrome while the Squier J5 is a 1-Ply Polished Stainless Steel.

Scale length is the same at 25.5” (648 mm) but the width from the nut for the Fender is 1.6875” (43 mm)and for the Squier is1.650” (42 mm). just a 1 mm difference.

The Unique features are different as well (red colour words means are the same):

Fender J5 : 

Matching Black Painted Headstock,
Bound Top,
Toggle Switch Mounted on Upper Bout,
Chromed Brass Pickguard,
Chrome Switch Tip,
3-Over/3-Under Modified Tele XII Headstock Shape,
No Jack Flat Spot on Body Perimeter,
Dot Position Inlays


Squier J5:

Matching Black Painted Headstock,
Bound Top and Back,
Silver Squier Decal,
Toggle Switch Mounted on Upper Bout,
Chrome Switch Tip,
No Tone Control,
Neck and Bridge Volume Controls are in Opposite Orientation,
White Pearloid Dot Position Inlays,
Narrow Dot Spacing,
Synthetic Bone Nut


Fender J5 comes with a Deluxe Gig Bag while the Squier J5 comes on it’s own (click here to view).


As you can see the vast difference but according to John5 says the Squier J5 sounds exactly the same as his Fender J5 but the main difference is the Price! I do not have the price but it is definately much cheaper to get the Squier J5 than the original Fender replica! All I have to do is change the pickups!

Provided I can convince my dad to get me the Squier J5 🙂

John 5 with his

John 5 slinging his J5 Bigsby® Telecaster Custom Shop Series

For more info on John5.. here  is his official webpage (click here)

John 5’s MySpace (click here)

John 5 on YouTube (click here)

John 5’s other signature guitars on Fender (click here)

John 5’s Equipment on Wiki (click here)

Bio of John 5 (click here)


Hmm.. Of Guitars and McD

At 10:45 a.m, you will probably find me still in bed during the holidays, but I got a call that woke me up.. from my bro… saying that we are going to KL for music look-see.

Well as soon as I got off the phone from Jon Koo for confirmation, I straight away got ready. My objective was to go and do 2 things.

  1. To try out the Vox Wah pedal.
  2. To look for the DiMarzio “Chopper” pickup. (in english: a new guitar pickup.)

So as Jon came and picked my bro and I up. I was probably still in sleep mode as I was tryingto study the road to KL so that I can go to the music store in my own time so that I do not have to keep asking Jon to go with me all the time. But I couldn’t concentrate got lost as soon as the freeway from Help College onwards. yea.. I know.. but trust me I am no city slicker. You ask me to show you all the nook and crannies in Bangkok I can cause I stayed in the city of Bangkok for 5 years plus.. but I hardly travel to KL do bear withme.. I think I would need a map.

we spent quite a while there.. actually more like 3 hrs plus. I managed to convince my parents to make the quick purchase for the guitarpickup as the music store was having a 25% discount and you don’t get too many of that opportuinities coming around. After the music adventures, we all were hungry and headed back to PJ to eat at Ming Tien in Taman Megah and then home.

After Jon dropped us off. I called my parents to see where they were so we waited for them for dinner.

When they came home, my mum wasn’t feeling so good. So just my dad and bro went to eat McDonalds.

We didn’t eat at Centerpoint McDs, though it was strangely empty than usual that there were hardly anybody dining there! Cause the Centrepoint McD is normally one of the most crowded McD in PJ.

Came home and after we finish eating, Dad decided to eat his Apple pie differently.

You know what.. I do not have my camera with me now.. must be somewhere downstairs..will update to you as soon as I find my camera, on what my dad did for dessert with the Apple PIE!