5th Feb 2007 – A day to remember a great friend. Aum Surawutthipong

Fellow blog readers … today i would like to tell u a tragic end of life of a great and wonderful friend Aum Surawutthipong.

DOB: 15.Jan.89
passad on: 5th Feb 2007

Aum was a smart and intelligent girl who never fails to be among books and great friends. she was an inspiration to all who knew her..

On the 5th of Febuary 2007, she was shot by her father along with her sister Nat and brother Big, then her father shot himself. He was in major debt of 130 Million Baht { RM13 million} .

So guys i beg u all never n i mean never be in debt especially like this cause it can cause major emotional stress to all especially to the Surawutthipong family and her closes frens.. My deepest condolences to u..

and Aum.. i hope u can read my blog where ever u are.. May ur soul rest in peace … you have been an imspiration to all of us in everyway that you have been here on earth.

goodbye Aum hope u r in a happy n peaceful place.

Danny New

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Hello! CNY!!!

hey all bloggers ! i wonder y the month of feb makes me happy i mean gosh it is the month that i gotta start to study again…. assignments will fly in the very first day of lecture…. but assides from taht i wonder… i mean y m i suddenly happy???
i mean i m not getting any financial problems… i m ok… not greedy…. no nothing… just ssing a lot of red colours this month…