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It’s been awhile…

It has hasn’t it?

Not just with me constantly twittering on my phone and on tweetdeck, I’ve been so preoccupied that I don’t even have time to blog! Oh gawsh!

Well, just thought I’d just pop by to show that this blog is not dead! It’s still going!

Time indeed has passed by so quickly. Since the last blog post, till now, it’s been 14 weeks in Canberra and 13 weeks of study at my Uni.

One more week left. It’s gonna be one heck of a long week and I better pace myself well, to balance sleep and workload.

Tuesday – Client Relationship Management Presentation to panel

Wednesday – Integrated Communication Campaign Presentation and leave behind doc.

Thursday – Brand Building Presentation and report

Friday – Media Planning & Buying: Media Plan Report


Thought I’d end this post with some links to my Facebook album on what I’ve been up to other than studying at the Capital.

Tweetdeck for iPhone photos (click here)

Aussie 2010 (click here)

Aussie 2, 2010 & Stonefest 2010 (click here)

House vs Hurricane, Heroes for Hire, Atlantis Awaits Gig @ Tuggeranong Youth Centre (Click here)

BMTH & BFMV @ Hordern Pavilion Sydney, 29th September 2010 (Click here)


Pace yourself… One more week to go…