wow! back at college after 6 days!

[Back at college… looking at familiar faces again]

Reason why it’s 6 days is cause last week i had Monday and Tuesday of classes only. Weds to Monday ( i.e yesterday), was such a good time of relaxing and getting my sleep patterns on track!

It was a great weekend by the way, Liverpool won!
Today was like class all over again!

Was darn early today for class… I thought there was Psychology at 9a.m so i came to college at 8:45.. on the master timetable, it says that there is no Psychology class today… -.- figures… anyways… Me and my gang of friends who are early as well, went off to the library to “study”. Why it’s in speech marks? Cause some of us were distracted! 

[Kenneth, Chloe and Sherman playing some halloween haunted house game]

[Alice, Cynthia & Sandra busy with assignments whiles… Shy Theng is busy with facebook!]
I was so darn hungry in class, I can’t even think of anything else but the Marmite chi yok fan (Marmite Pork Rice), in the corner shop! (Sorry Ms. May! It was only for the first half of class!) 

[As you can see… I was probably thinking of Lunch! btw.. nice shot Clement!]

[Just class as usual]

[Hmm… I wonder what Chloe (left) thinks of class! While Karmen and Santik (center & right) were deep in focus on what Ms. May was teaching today!]
At 1:30 p.m, we got our half hour lunch break! My Gosh! I thought lunch would never come! Me, Karmen, Clement, Shermaine and Ken went downstairs to the next door corner coffee shop and feasted! (Don’t think that’s gramatically correct hahaa!) 
[Karmen had a bowl of wantan mee soup]

[Shermaine had her nasi lemak]

[My Crysantimum tea]
[VUALA!! my Marmite Chi Yok Fan!!]

Trust me on this one, The Marmite Chi Yok Fan was to die for! I can’t believe I didn’t eat that for just under a week! 
I think tomorrow I’m gonna eat the Sweet Sour Pork Rice ( Ku Lou Yok Fan)! 

[Karmen and Shermaine was finding interest in Clement’s wallet cum phone pouch]
Ahh… What a satisfying lunch! We head back for the 2nd half of Ms. May’s Marketing Management class and was reminded of our exam classes and when it was going to be postponed.. sigh….
[zoom in to read if desired!]

Yup… Reality check… 6 assignments to complete, exams are coming to a month and a half … study… study… study…

One Day As A Lion!!!

NOO !!! I don’t mean I want to be lion for a day! =.=” I am talking about the band! O! What a treat we have today!

The band ” One Day As A Lion”, is a duo combination of vocalist / keyboardist Zack de la Rocha (pict below on the right) and drummer Jon Theodore (on the left). Yes… You guess it right! It’s a terrific combination of former front man of RATM (Rage against the Machine) and The Mars Volta!

The premier of their song “Wild International” the first song on their new CD (pict below), was premiered on July 26 this year and was available on their MySpace, premiered in Australia and on US radio and later released on iTunes. Their5 song EP was sold extremely well selling 17ooo copies in the first week, which I feel it’s really good for a 5 track EP!

They are going on a tour soon I heard, but have to wait for de la Rocha’s Rage Against the Machine Reunion Tour.

Wondering how the name, “One Day As A Lion” came about? Well, it was derived from an infamous black and white graffiti photograph taken by George Rodriguez in 1970 where there is a caption saying “It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.” Hmm… Strange… LOL!

Am looking forward to listening to their tracks! Combination of RATM and Mars Volta!

Links here!

One Day As A Lion MySpace

One Day As A Lion Official Site

Can’t Wait!!

DannyBoy 😀


13 things men shouldn’t fear! by Men’s Health

13 things a man shouldn’t fear Men's Health

By Neal Pollack, Men’s HealthMen's Health

1. Yoga. You may feel as if you’re trapped in an endless self-empowerment workshop. But you’ll also probably be the only man in a hot, enclosed space full of beautiful women in clingy clothing.

2. Having her drive. It establishes your commitment to a relationship based on gender equality. Plus, you pick the music.

3. Black-and-white movies. Dropping an All About Eve reference may elicit blank stares, but knowledge of this genre makes you a person of intrigue. Besides, you’ll learn a lot more about moving through the world from Cary Grant than from Spike TV.

4. Superhero cartoons. A solid relationship with nerd culture enables you to connect with nephews and sons. The sad truth is, Pokémon isn’t going away.

5. Small dogs. Okay, they’re neurotic face lickers with breathing problems. They’re also the next-cutest thing to human babies, and merely having one in your proximity makes you look like a caring person. If you can take care of a pug, you can take care of anything.

6. Snuggling. If done properly and consistently, it leads to the Promised Land. Or possibly to more snuggling, but this is a calculated risk.

7. French cheese. Though most of the good stuff smells like Nicolas Sarkozy’s private apartment, cheese really is the most incredible food in the world. Start with a ripe Epoisses, and then let your cheesemonger take you deep.

8. Makeover shows. There’s nothing like watching perky strangers barge into someone’s life, only to find it empty. The shows are formulaic and fake, yes, but you’re getting free tips from professionals who would otherwise charge thousands.

9. Tea. We’re not talking crappy dorm-room stashes of Lemon Lift and Constant Comment, but the real stuff: first-flush Darjeeling and South African rooibos. Men have been drinking it for thousands of years, it tastes great, and it doesn’t crack you out like coffee.

10. Video games. “I play a buttload of Grand Theft Auto” isn’t exactly a calling card, but there’s something to be said about keeping certain childhood enthusiasms alive. It’s still socially acceptable to play Monopoly or Scrabble, so why not Centipede or Mario Kart? Stay in touch with your younger self without the trauma of having to go through puberty again.

11. Country music. Your snobbery betrays ignorance. Some of the greatest songs in the North American canon have come out of this genre. Also, if you think you have problems, just listen to some Merle Haggard. You’ll feel a lot better.

12. Street-cart food. Your odds of a little gastrointestinal distress may increase slightly, but it’s immensely satisfying to eat out at a most basic level. You could discover a brand-new taste that will change the way you think about, say, Sri Lanka. At the very least, you’ll have a cheap lunch.

13. Staying home alone on a Saturday night. This could mean a beer at the kitchen table, a long, mopey bath, and an early bedtime. Or you could revel in the solitude and freedom. On weekends, everything is more crowded and expensive. Go out on a Tuesday, when the crowds are scarce and the beer is heavily discounted.