Stronger in 2013, and beyond. Reflecting back on 2013.

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year to you. Now, for this post I will be reflective on what 2013 has been like for me. It ain’t going to be long, but for those readers, if there are any, here is what my 2013 was for me, and I will sum them up in 3 topical areas of my life.


Most of you guys who follow me on FB and twitter or know me in person, would know that I was on a journey of weight lost. In 2013, it has slowly has been less of running and focus on this, due to my busy schedule with a lot of things that was happening in my life. I have not gave up entirely, but finished off the few marathons that I’ve managed to complete.

To be blunt about it. I have definitely lost interest in running. It has became more of a chore and something that I really disliked doing. I guess it was also cause for the runs that I have committed, I’ve not placed in the time to train and work towards them.

Health is definitely something that I am looking forward to working on, perhaps another alternative. From experience, and my time in 2013, I have not actually been over eating or eating very unhealthily, but cause almost a whole day during the weekday and weekend, I’ve been so busy on other things, that most of the time I would be sitting down working, writing music, and communicating, rather than having the time for a workout. I realize from all this, I become tired and running makes me feel even more lethargic, definitely the same passion and drive is gone from 2012, when I was so gungho to run and results did came in. Alternatives would definitely need to be in place.

Hopefully 2014 will be a year of change and a new perspective for me.

Serving in music for God

You could say that I was living a peaceful life in terms of buying and GASSING (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for new pedals and music related equipment. Since leaving my previous band, I have been busy recording and working on a couple of shows for the release of my band, Reach For The Skies EP release : Aviaries  for early 2014 and I was happy with the gear I was having, till my style and sound has altered more.

I have always been the ambient filler kind of electric guitarists and using a lot of effects to create the mood of the songs. Over time, I have grown to play cleaner, less saturated and less effects and enjoyed more tone off the guitar and amps. Thus, my existing board of pedals do not cater to some of my current style of playing. I was definitely blessed to have advise from friends and met new people who were able to shed some light into gear.

From swapping in and out of different gears and what I see, gear is something personal and something that one would adjust to custom the wielder’s own sound, there are a lot of marketing involved that hypes up trendy pedals. Yes they are good, but in the end, do not secum to those, you may regret if it does not fit your music. I even find some of the older stuff better too!

I also find myself serving more in Church in the sense, of “more” meaning, really delving into worshipping God. Perhaps through my times of trial through out 2013, this has definitely something that desired to do. To focus on God, to play more meaningfully to the service and congregation, as the worship team’s place is to usher God’s presence and lead in praise and worship. And I find myself lost in His presence at most of this time in 2013, ever in my life, not just through my band, Church, but also in my personal life. I needed the focus and I went through it with God. It was awesome.

Hopefully to even more time spent on serving God with writing and serving in music for God.


Its been a busy year, rolling from 2012 to 2013, from various challenges that I faced, that kept me busy around the clock in the office till I felt that there has to be more to life than just work. I guess there were various factors coming in, but it got me overwhelmed at one point that life meant more than just work, coming home at a late hour till I only get to see my family on a Sunday night for dinner and the rest of the week, I would come home when the lights were out and the last to leave home for work on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love advertising, I carry that passion since college, to work and till today, no regrets and am thankful for every learning experience, up and the downs as they have made me stronger and better. I am definitely doing that at my new work place that I thank God for, and awesome new learning opportunities that I am undertaking, and I pray for more growth.

To more days of joy, happiness, growth, opportunities, Godly decisions and wisdom with friends, family and God in 2014, I pray.

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Playlist for my Nike+ run tonight

Ah I have more songs in the playlist case I do more… but tonight it went up to song 13.
  1. Be Yourself – Audioslave
  2. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle – A Day To Remeber
  3. Blessed With A Curse – Bring Me The Horizon
  4. Meant To Live – Switchfoot
  5. If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember
  6. Writing on the walls – Underoath
  7. With your friends (Long Drive) – Skrillex
  8. Thrones – Azure For Janne
  9. H.M.A.S Lookback – The Amity Affliction
  10. Sticks & Bricks – A Day To Remember 
  11. We Are Rockstars – Does It Offend You, Yeah?
  12. Pull Out My Insides – Does It Offend You, Yeah? 
  13. Head First In The River – Envy On The Coast
Total: 13 songs out of 26, 55:43 total time play.
Tomorrow gotta put in some Red Hot Chilli Pepper! Probably some Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park too. Reliving early high school tomorrow!

The Hyde in Me.

Lost my voice to scream a lullaby.

If i were a musician singing on the street I would probably get stones thrown at me. I be my imaginary audience.

If I were on the street playing an instrument. A passerby or two, would stop to listen, that’s about it really.

Backburners, scattered cards. things that happen in the past, I believe you came for a reason, that’s to ruin me, to bring me down to tears and draw scars and bruised knees, but You picked me up and made me turn again.

Now reality is here, knowing it will be a pebble off the shoreline, worn down to a sediment in the sands, lost in the depths of Mariana’s Trench, washed up in the seashore by night. High, dry, beached in the burning sun.

Oh how cruel when everything is just a beautiful portrait of your disguise,

a facade that’s what it has been all along. Little did I know I have been deceived

to believe , that is so cruel and deceitful.

When I fade out from the forefront, how would I have wanted to be remembered?

Did I live the life meant to be for me? Heck, I could easily let my impetuous self go,

to hear the recalcitrant cold chill whispers, transcending goosebumps up my spine,

to let go of the rope that burns my hands. The struggle to live and hold on

to a hope for better days to come.

This is the Hyde of me.

Triggered by the past, fueled  the burning chambers of sorrows and wounds.

A civil war bared and fated to my hands and from within me, a burden to bear.

~Reach for the Sky~


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Life as it is. Can’t complain really.

I’ve just completed my first month of my career in Advertising!

Thing is I still haven’t sorted out paper work for my salary and stuff! I’ve been so couped up in the office that I don’t even have time to fill those out! How am I gonna get my salary! D:

How am I gonna get the things that I want?

Currently on my shopping list… these are what I am eyeing (below)!

Nike SB Dunk High “Red Devil”

Nike SB Dunk High "Red Devil"

A really nice Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket

I need to get a smart casual jacket too! In case we have an impromtu meeting with the clients or the big bosses!

Pharell Williams so good at his fashion sense!

A new electric guitar!

New electric guitar

Fancy bag to take to work 🙂 (Something like this would be shiek!)

ASOS Wolfgang Backpack

A fancy metal flask that speaks “I’m ECO Friendly!”

Fancy eco friendly flask

Fancy eco friendly flask

Perhaps I should have my own potted plant in the office 😉

Also, I gotta get myself a fancy mug for the office!

Punch Mug

Or a cool and medieval goblet!

Jason goblet (Now this is AWESOME)

Probably one of the most important things that I would need at work is a really good planner/or a calender/wall planner, as the nature of my job requires timely matters!

Moleskin planner

Probably a nice ukelele or a guitar at the office to take away the blues and have some fun! : )


Well… one day I would really wanna work like this!

Office by the beach

That would definitely be awesome to work in such an awesome environment. Probably something like in Phuket or Phi Phi!

Then I would feel like this everyday : )


Lovin’ life at the moment. Can’t complain really, cause God has given me so much more than what I asked for!