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Adrianna says I am a "Metro"..

I had a friend over at my house.. a close friend of mine, her name is Adrianna she is one of my best friends visiting from NY over here and she is staying over at my place… so she asked me to do this quiz on ‘How boyish and how girlish you are’ and this was my result!

You Are 20% Boyish and 80% Girlish …


You Are 20% Boyish and 80% Girlish

Even if you’re not a girl, you’re very feminine. 

You’re in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.

A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you’re up and the next you’re down.

But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.


When my friend saw this…she burst out laughing… and I was like -.-” !

Then she said: “I am not surprised! haahahah!” *She continues to roll around on my bed laughing…* -.-

Me: COme on! What the Fish! I am going to retake it.! What the Fish!

A: NO! U can’t! That would be cheating!

Me: Well how can I be 20% Boy and 80% girl??

A: Well that is not entirely bad you know.. and look.. you got more girl friends than guys.. you hang out with girls more than dudes… AND YOU LIKE SHOPPING! And it is great to have a guy like you around when girls are shopping!

Me: what? as the Concierge? Carry your shopping bags? -.-

A: well… that.. and you give us great opinion sometimes and it is good to have a guy to ask for an opinion!

What’s more you are metro!

Me: Hey! I am not metro sexual orientated OK! In terms of dressing i am modern, have style !! *Hump!*

A: Ok OK… but u know what i mean rite? You dress is metro!

Me: -.-” call it what ever you want! But I am not Gay!

A: OK…ok… chill Dan … chill! Danny your just good with girls ok… and your style of clothes is great as well… its just that you are more over weight than you were in Bangkok and in NY! Dan Lose some pounds!! You are actually a pretty good guy Dan! *She shakes my arm* Just that the world looks at the outside before the personality!

Me: Well… that’s what I’ve been trying to do! Lose Weight!

A: Try harder!

Me: -.-”

A: I know you can do it! U know u were pretty hot when u were back in bkk! But now you put on like 30 kg!

Me: A.. I know… I blame my own self control on food… but I’m an Epicurean! I love food and food loves me!!!

A: -.- ” me too ok! But i can control! *S stands up from her chair and struts around like a fashion model*

*Then I joined her as if we were walking on the run way*

*We fell to our seats and laughed…*

A: We are SOO VAIN!!

Me: Yea… we definately are…

A: Danny…

Me: Yes…?

A: Let’s go shopping!

Me: OK!

Ahh I miss my best friends.. Adrianna is still my best friend, I met her when we were schooling in NY and in Bangkok!

She came to visit awhile back around the middle of the year of 2008.. I just realized that I saved this post as a draft and didn’t post it up! Well… Vuala!


I will be on a CNY Hiatus!

Hey all

I will be away for the next few days in Pahang, Temerloh, my mum’s hometown to celebrate the first 2 – 3 days of CNY. So since there is no internet in my relative’s house, I will be on a short short hiatus.

Till then…

and Hope that you and I will be blessed with many Ang Pows (Red Packets with Money) 😀 !

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Shopping List for *09

Well as promised I am now posting up my Shopping List for *09!

  1. Casual retro sneakers: RM 250
  2. White dress shoes: Rm250
  3. Cashmere Scarf: RM100
  4. Three Shorts: Khaki, Cargo and Club Linen – RM 150 each
  5. Two Polo Shirts: RM 150
  6. A Rugby Tee – RM 200
  7. Black Belt (Formal) – RM 100
  8. Sunglasses – RM 70
  9. Graphic Tees RM 50
  10. Versatile button-down Shirt RM 70
  11. Flip-flops: RM 50

Here is the list!
From the previous post you can see that I have already obtained my graphic Tees! So 10 more to go!

Wow.. quite a lot of money I will be investing on myself!


I finally found 4 nice Tees! / Shopping List for *09

I finally found 4 nice Tees!

Ahh today I was at the Curve, original purpose was to meet up with some friends, but thing is since my brother is going to be there @ TGIF for a friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday to Mei Fong again! 😀 ), I decided to join them for a meal with them.

I ordered a Jack Daniel’s Chicken, I thought it looked small, but it was quite filling! I could barely eat half of the 2nd piece of chicken breast meat! But I must say the Jack Daniel’s sauce was darn good!Jack Daniel’s Chicken with mixed sauteed veg and Creamy Mash.

Half way through TGIF, my friends called me as they arrived slightly earlier than what was originally planned!

We (Sarah, Jason, Jane, Shantee Tee, Rachel) met up and we walked around in the Curve.

G2000, Padini Concept, Nichii, Giordano, Tough, MNG, Metrojaya, FOS… Well we didn’t find anything interesting, except a few stuff, the girls bought new heels (Vinci), halters (MNG), jeans (Padini), belts (Nichii). Well the guys, me and Dave, Dave just got a new formal buttoned Shirt from Padini, a darn nice one indeed, I mean of course.. the top cost RM120! but really aside from the “nice” price tag, it was a really nice shirt.

Me? Well here is a picture of what I got for the day. 😀

I got a Giordano Regular plain Burgundy T, top left.

From Brands Outlet in Ikano i got 3 Garage Graphictee

  1. The black T with a Rickenbacker guitar (left)
  2. Blue T with “The three best things in life…” (Center)
  3. Red T with “Kept You Waiting huh?” (left)

All these three Ts were only RM 50 for 3 Ts!

The “I Heart KL” T was from Bijou Bazaar @ the Youth 09 event 2 weeks back.

So I got 4 really cool T to kick of my shopping for the year *09!

btw.. I saw a really nice White Khaki’s at Brands Outlet for only RM 49.90 before the 20% discount!

So you might see me there tomorrow!

Shopping List for *09

Yea I got my shopping list for clothes this year! I am kinda tired and want to catch some sleep… so I will post this up 2mr as soon as I am done with vocal lessons with Liang and before I head for a game of golf with my dad. 😀

Good Night world!