Stop Spending!!!!

hmm with the rising prices of virtually everything, i have been spending crapping loads of money!!!

nowadays to enjoy a once in a while “nice meal” with “nice ambiance” it will cost u at least rm 30 !!

e.g today… i went to Delicious – Ms. Read…

I ordered, a Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken… – 19.90rm

My bro ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara … – rm 19.90

We ordered sky juice with Lemon which was free!!!

then plus the service taxes… it was rm 6 per person..

so cause i shared with my bro we totaled at Rm 51.80

so each person is about rm 25. 90

yea so actually to enjoy a good meal with friends i think its better to share so that the cost is shared “EVENLY”…

yea… but there are cheaper alternatives like the mamak at maybank – Taman Sea… or Murni… or even Pandii (not sure of the spelling) its all definitely below rm 20 per person.

Today… was quite a long day la … but thk God it was not boring…. early in the morn i was suppose to go for breakfast with my ex- college mates… but… we all over slept! how often does that happen… when my friend called me i was still in my bed… haha… yea… so before going church me n my family went to Restaurant OK! its usually a great place to have cheap n good quality food!

Rambo was not so enjoyable and not a movie i normally watch…( my dad’s sort of movie..) yea.. it was such an intensive movie… i didn’t mind the heads being blown off, legs flying off from a bomb… it was fine . but i just did not like some of the parts of the movie…its like those that u c the soldiers simply killing innocent villagers and raping the women… yea… i have no heart for those soldiers … or any one who does such cruel things… but i did enjoy the movie where RamBo killed the soldiers heartlessly…

there was one part of the movie where they sneaked into the enemy camp to rescue the missionaries… i wished that Rambo or one of the good guys just put that Claymore – a type of powerful explosive device… (it looks like a mini nuclear bomb – mushroom shaped smoke funnel).. yea i wished they just planted the bomb there and kills all of the soldiers after the rescue mission was complete… but as u all know its a movie… so they wont do that unless its the end of the movie… as expected.. there is a huge war scene at the end like a typical Rambo movie.. where he kills everyone on his own…(soo fake….)

yea… haha … i wanna watch the movie musically version of Sweeney Todd… i have the original play it’s really good…i m sure the movie one with that sissy Johnny Depp should be pretty good… and he can SING!!!


LOL this is funny la …. courtesy of Wing haha!!!! thx!!!

If I Were

If I were a carpenter’s son,
If I were to marry,
I would marry a carpenter’s daughter,
More than anybody
So I can screw,
And she can screw,
We can screw each other.
In the middle of the night,
Screwing one another.

If I were a fisherman’s son,
If I were to marry,
I would marry a fisherman’s daughter,
More than anybody
So I can hook,
And she can hook,
We can hook each other.
In the middle of the night,
Hooking one another.

If I were a vampire’s son,
If I were to marry,
I would marry a vampire’s daughter,
More than anybody
So I can suck,
And she can suck,
We can suck each other.
In the middle of the night,
Sucking one another.

If I were a policeman’s son,
If I were to marry,
I would marry a policeman’s daughter,
More than anybody
So I can shoot,
And she can shoot,
We can shoot each other.
In the middle of the night,
Shooting one another.

If I were an ice-cream man’s son,
If I were to marry,
I would marry an ice-cream man’s daughter,
More than anybody
So I can lick,
And she can lick,
We can lick each other.
In the middle of the night,
Licking one another


Last day at my job = ) ….!!!!

so cool.. u kno i was suppose to have my last day at my Salvation bookstore job on weds 30th Jan… but haha i was not even on the timetable for the up n comin week! waha! so today was my last day at my job! haha Praise the Lord! =.=” haha i just wanna stop cause i m so bored at my job. doing deja’vo every day…. yea but its a good opportunity to take my time to hang out with friends and lost times and also to prepare for uni!

was out the whole day today!

after work in the morn at 1 p.m, went for lunch with cason.. had a good chat at peccadillies…(not sure if i spelled it right) its at millennium court behind like digital mall… some where there la…

yea then went home, change and then get my gear then off i go to church! yea….

worship was very messy here and there… we have a new drummer and a drummer who is subbing in for bass and an acoustic guitarist who was not strong… not to say they were at fault but we were all over the place with unknown chords and a slight change of songs from JK, which was perfectly fine and good as he was led by the spirit to change the song… but all in all this one was a relief ..

yea 2mr i hope it will be a fun day… a rest day haha a day to relax and stuff… after all Sunday is a rest day haha

am watchin the new rambo 2mr haha… my bro’s choice … dunno y he chose that movie lol!

yea… i hope the worship team meeting wont take long haha… i remember the last one was quite a long one…

yea thats all for now i guess… am tired … gonna finish watching d Liverpool game…first…


Bowling with the pros!!!

today i was suppose to help Danny out with his car, from the mechanic in old pj. but since karen was free it made sense that she should help him out.

so danny did not join me, Ben, Enoch and Andrew for lunch…

technically, i gate crashed the party! ^^ unintentionally la cause me and danny was suppose to eat with ben but since ben has plans so we decided to eat at 1u, till danny decided to “ditch” me LOL jk la… he wanted to settle the car so thats fine…

Ben n his gang was suppose to go to Pyramid A&W but… Ben was blur in the morning and he was on autopilot straight to 1U A&W =.-” lol!

yea … so i met up with them at 1U … had lunch with Ben first since both of us haven’t eaten and we were waiting for the others to arrive from pyramid.

We went bowling straight after… quite fun la… but out of practice so i just messed around abit… Enoch was the most consistent we could see.. haha

after that we went daytona… so bad la they all … play dirty… lol.. wait till we do the real thing !! ^^

nah jk la it dangerous to do it real life.>

now i m gonna update my ipod!


finally… some time to write abt my life … (with a cup of tea next to my mouse ^^ )

my gosh! Its been a while since i blogged, lots of stuff has happened since, some of u know that, n i thank all of u who have been standing with me supporting me when i had the roughest patch at the end of last year… thx again as u have given me inspiration to carry on living my life …

Any ways!!!

On the less emo and more happier side of things!

I m having a blast of a holiday! normally holidays r suppose to feel fast as i havin such a fun time, but this holiday… for me that is… seems to last forever!! ( i WISH!) Tho there r ups and downs, this holiday has been really fun, as i have the opportunity to have fun, free time and time for updating everything, from my blog, ipod, music to my clothes in my wardrobe ^-^ !

I m not having 3 jobs now, cause my dad says i should cool down on the jobs as the new semester is comin, i need to get in to the study gear mentality again… thats kind of true as well cause i m fed up of friends going out for fun when i cant cause of work… that really sux!! yea… so now its the bookstore job… SALVATION…. a customer made a really lame joke saying that u receive salvation when u come to the bookstore… =.=” super stupid really… i wanna like slap him in his face… !

I’m so not enjoying work rite now.. so bored as i m not gaining any thing new and knowledgeable asides from the lowly salary… so i decided only to work in the morning so that i won’t die of depression…

i m stopping at the end of Jan as i m taking my dad’s advice to stop work totally to not just play golf, but also to relax and take it easy…