Life, Music

Let’s pretend…

Lets pretend he never picked up the violin,

lets pretend things would have been no different,

pretend he procrastinated had no motivation,

Make it blow away with the wind,

DANNY you’re NEVER gonna make it.

His alarm went off to wake him but he didn’t make it…

hmm… been thinking about ‘what if’s’ in my life… hmm…. am just thankful that I am glad to be where I’m now.


Carrying the coals & keeping the fire wood together…

Had an awesome time of prayer worship last night during worship practice! It’s the first service I’m serving this year for the YA/College service on Saturday evenings! Am ecstatic and can’t wait for Saturday for more! I’m coming expecting 😀

It is when this hit me…

During the course of my journey through life, the past few months has made me realized, by the signs and people that God has sent to me, that the ministries that I am in (leadership position in church and worship team) are front-line ministries, and how important it is to mindful of our own lives.

Indeed being a cell leader is like a Shepard who watches it’s flock, to guide, to facilitate, to be an intercessor, to assist, to be a humble and also to be a lover of God and His Word.

As in the leadership line of ministry, i learnt that each and every leader is an humble example of Jesus Christ. I realised that I need to keep my life always with my guard up in my actions, words and my mind.  It took me awhile to know that my Daily devotions and my relationship with God is essential as a leader will be a special target of the evil one. We are not perfect but I realized God was not looking for Perfection, but a willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit.

As for worship team, it is indeed a privilege and an honour to be able to serve as a guitarist on the worship team. Worship Team leads God’s people in praise and worship through welcoming and ushering in His Holy Spirit. We want to magnify and exalt the Lord in our hearts. When worshippers are drawn into God’s presence, they speak to Him, and listen to Him. We rejoice when our mission has been accomplished.

Before even talking about serving in whatever ministries in our lives, we have to be humble and honest before God and willingness to move.

To keep the fire burning, the wood and coals have to be placed together to keep everything connected to keep the fire burning. Just like our lives, our walk with God has to be prioritized, focused and get everything together, like if all the wood fire is spread out and not connected at all, the fire will dwindle and won’t last and stand, it will falter.

God, thank You for your prompts and reminders…