Nike + Run day 2

“Nike+ | 5.03k in 38.5mins, pushed a slightly relaxed workout to 7k, finished in 54:40 mins, burned 651 calories Yay! #rfts @nikerunning”

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Nike + Run day 2

Nike + Run day 2

“Nike+ | 5.03k in 38.5mins, pushed a slightly relaxed workout to 7k, finished in 54:40 mins, burned 651 calories Yay! #rfts @nikerunning”


Fast track to the present! Part 2

On my personal note and how I’m coping with life…

I realized I’ve changed so much… And I find in this stage of my life, in fascination of learning more about who I am and what I am to be come.

I’ve so many things that I wanna do and achieve at work and out of work. My Career, Music, the bands, self improvement in my cooking, getting back into my fitness  getting my room organized (which never happens), and hanging out and meeting new friends. serving in Church, food venturing and my deepest dreams.

It all bared down on me for the longest time that I should do something and this is the ultimate litmus test to get me to where I want me to be. I am at cross roads making major decisions now on where I want to be and with whom I want to share it with. I’ve been so blessed and touched by all the things that happened in my life since coming back from Bangkok, but now I need to hear the call and to make the right decisions to continue to move forward.

Right now I’ve got a lot on my mind on what I’ve to do next. I know after making this colossal of a  decision, it is about moving on and not looking back, cause I know that God has a plan for me and it is up to me to make things happen, as nothing will happen if I do not move.

I know I probably sound emo right here… but I’m feeling anxious and excited at the same time to discover and wait for how I will paint my future.

I know here it may seem real vague on what I plan to do, so for those of you who want me to share my testimony and what I’m up to, lets talk and meet me in person over coffee and let me tell you. I’ve a plan to reach for the sky, I may not see them now, or I may just catch a glimps of the dream, but I know they are there hiding behind the clouds.

I tweet @danRFTS

I meet digital faces here.

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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: How I am helping and you can too!

Pray For Japan


Hey all,

We all have heard of what happened and Japan is in the state f National Emergency and  a disaster that has brought me close to tears.

I’ve been praying for my Japanese friends who have family back in Japan and also for the people and the nation, and for the surrounding nations to swiftly send aid to Japan.

I’ve been thinking to myself, is prayer enough? And I came to a decision that I want to help as much as I can in this cause. I’m still a student, and there is only so much that I can do to help.

So I make the most of it and chose a few things that I could do.

  1. I just pre-ordered a “Army for Japan” Shirt, where my proceeds will be donated to the Japanese recovery effort by Salvation Army. (Click on the photo for the link)

    My Army for Japan shirt receipt

    Army For Japan shirt

    Army For Japan shirt by Salvation Army

  2. I’ve sent an online donation to the Australian Red Cross of AUD$20 , where all proceeds will be used to provide equipment, and medical supplies for this relief and to those in need. 

    My donation to the Red Cross Japan & Pacific Disaster 2011

  3. A group of my friends at university is putting together donations and sending at least one Shelter Box (of aid) to Japan to provide supplies which contains a shelter made by Vango (leading tent manufacturer), A Smile (which contains drawing pads, books, colour pens and crayons), Warmth and Protection (contains thermal blankets, insulated ground sheets, mosquito nets and water purification equipment), Self Sufficiency (a survival tool kit: hammer, axe, saw, shovel, wire cutters and other tools), Fit for purpose box for storage of things, a heart at home kit (containing: a multi stove kit (specially designed to use things in the environment to run the stove and to provide food for a family), and other equipments. So my mission is to donate a further $20 for this effort to provide at least a Shelter box to Japan. (Click on picture below for more info!)

    Shelter Box

  4. I will be fasting lunch for a week starting 14th March – 20th March 2011, as well as dedicating an extra half an hour of each of my work outs to the Japan & Pacific disaster.

So I am doing my part by donating $100 of what I can afford and also my time to this cause.

My friends, your family and citizens of Japan, my prayers are with you and I hope that my part can help you get back on to your feet.

So what are you going to do to help? Below are some links (with organizations and NGOs) on how you can help and make a difference:


Help Japan

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Since coming back from Australia!

Wow! has it been a week and a half since I came back?

For those of you who didn’t know… I’m HOME! On a holiday of course! Till first week of Feb!

First few things I noticed and almost forgot what Malaysia was all about was:

1. ITS HOT and HUMID!!!

2. TRAFFIC JAMS! ( i’ve grown accustomed to the Aussie roads and there is hardly much traffic in Canberra!) Traffic jams there are like 5 mins.. LOL

3. Toilet seats are relatively lower than Aussie ones!

4. Food is great! (Not awesome, but Good!) Grandma’s curry was EPIC tho!!!

Personally, what I miss most was:

1. My family! (John’s in Kansas btw)

2. Queen size bed!

3. My Serena! (it’s what I named my guitar. After Serena in Gossip Girl) 😀

4. My close friends

5. My Band and gigs!!!

Gosh! It was a tiring few days back! Been so busy!

Firstly, was to shoot the music video for ‘Snake With Limbs’ (click here for behind the scenes!)

Secondly, I’ve had 3 shows in a week! 2 proms at Sri KL and Taman Sea! Taman Sea prom was super awesome! Everyone was having so much fun! We met a really cute band too! Let Go Tomorrow are still young and I can’t wait to see what will birth from them in a few years time! (Click here for a picture of us and Let Go Tomorrow!)

Followed in the same week was Rock The World 10! It is a significant one for me cause last year’s one, I was Darren’s guitar tech! This year, I am performing with my band mates and for the year that I’ve been with An Honest Mistake, I salute to my band members that it was an awesome year and it’s been a privilege playing along side talented individuals that makes up what An Honest Mistake is today! Hope to make more records with you guys next year! We got big plans yo!

Lastly, I’ve been busy recuperating at home and working part time, which helps my portfolio! So you can say I’m on a ‘Working Holiday’! I’ll be working closely with Kevin ‘Cottie’ Tan on An Honest Mistake’s media kit and profile! Harnessing my skills that I’ve as an Advertising and Marketing Communication student!

Well… that’s all for now! We got a gig that the band has organized! Check out the poster below!

An Honest Mistake and Friends!

Time/Date: 9:30 p.m/6th Jan 2011 (Come early to get good seats!)

Venue: Laundry Bar @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Bands: An Honest Mistake, Hello, Is This The Band?, Jin Hackman and Atlanta Fall

So do come! We are kicking off the start of 2011 with a stellar line up with our awesome friends!

Lastly! Constant updates and my walkabouts, follow me on facebook and twitter!

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New life in Canberra

Gosh… it seems like ages ago when it was only last Thursday, that I departed from KLIA at 10:30p.m from my friends, relatives, the band members and ultimately my family. I can’t really describe how I feel arriving and starting a new chapter in my life in Canberra for the next year. It definitely has been a huge impact in my life as I move to a new place especially when I just turned 21 last Tuesday!

Well, last week was a pretty rough one as I’ve to get used to the cold cold weather over here. Funny thing was, I went to the mall which was about 15 mins walk (as I’ve not gotten used to the public transport system over here), I forgot to buy myself a quilt! Even though, I had a heater in my room, It was still freezing cold, as I found out that it was 2 Degree Celsius that night…. So every night I’ve been looking forward to the shower where I can stand under the heated water!

It has also been a whole week of spending as, well with lots of stuff to buy, such as my pillow, quilt, cooking utensils, shampoo, food and so on… the cost was crazy! And to my house mates, I’ve spent very little to them! I must have spent over AUD $700-800 which is roughly 4 –  5 weeks worth of rent!

I’ve to thank God, that I’ve been really really blessed to have really nice house mates and that my living quarters are really really clean and to even get a room on campus, as many are really unlucky and can’t get a room on campus! It is also such a small world that I get to meet Doris who happen to be my senior’s girlfriend and also knows Leonard (my band member)!

This week was O-Week, which is basically orientation. As I’ve enrolled in my units the week before, I pretty much did the bulk of everything and just have to wait for my units to be confirmed, which 3 of 4 of my tutorial units are! Thank God!

Other events that run though out O-Week were workshops and sessions such as:

  1. Adjusting to living and studying in Canberra
  2. Smart Study @ UC sessions
  3. Overseas Students Health Cover (for my health insurance)
  4. International Student Visa conditions
  5. Accommodation Support
  6. International Food Fair (Free Lunch)
  7. Free Sausage Sizzle Lunch
  8. Bus & boat trip Canberra Tour

Theses basically ran over Monday to Friday. I had lots of fun in the sessions as we all get to meet people from different nations around the world and to learn from each other and help each other adapt to our new living. Of course everyone expects me to say that the International food fair and the sausage sizzle was the best… lol well it was alright hahaha! The Bus and boat trip was pretty boring as we got to see the Parliment house, War Museum which took a long time today!

I also got to see fraternities available on campus! I joined a All Malaysian Society whom I met at the International food fair, the Advertising & Marketing Society (AMS) which is really cool as there are trips to visit Sydney and Melbourne to get connected to the Advertising  industry in Australia, then there is iFocus, which is essentially a bible study group on campus that runs every Wednesday night, and lastly the UC School of Rock! hahahaha.. which basically gets musicians together, form bands, and organizes gigs all over Canberra (which I’m so looking forward to)!

I have also been looking for a church that suits me, as I visited St. Chandlers Church last Sunday, this week I will be visiting Life City Church on Sunday morning and in the evening to ANU to visit another church! I hope that I can find one which I am able to be comfortable and to serve as well!

I’ve been in touch with my culinary side as well! I’ve been cooking stir fried beef with veg and rice, which has been pretty awesome, and it’s be oh so comforting to eat rice on a cold cold night!

Well.. I hope to get my camera soon, or if not wait for my iphone 4 to arrive in 3 weeks!

Well, that’s all the updates for me so far. Next time will be pictures of my campus, my room/house and so on! So, akan datang!

Oh last but not least, I managed to locate a few nice instrument stores, which I will visit soon enough!