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Youtubing! and Cameron High here I come!

What’s Up!!! 

I have been havin’ a blast the last few days after my exam! Eating, shopping, watching gigs, watching all the tv shows and movies I gotta catch up on and I have been YouTubing a lot! Man.. its better than TV! 


Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

I have been watching videos by ShaneDawsonTv and this guy is just a genius, funny and really entertaining and the stuff are “EPIC”! You will know what I mean when you watch the vid below! ;p 

Check out Shane Dawson at his official site (here) and his youtube site (here) .. he updates often and weekly so I always can’t wait for a new episode or vid! 

Below are some of my favourite. check it out!


Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Btw I will be on a holiday vaca with my family to Cameron High.. it will be a first for me and I can’t wait! Will be away from Tues to Friday! Don’t miss me! 😀 Will see if there is a Starbucks there or something.. other than paying Rm15 for an hour of wifi … stupid… Will keep ya posted! 


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