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What a year end to 2009 & beginning of 2010!

Well it seems like ages that I have last blogged! I warn you first! Its a loongggg post! But do bear with me!

Towards to the end of 09, I have been really busy with internship, and as well as that going back gigging from the middle of 09.

Over the course of 09, I have met some awesome new friends along the way as I got back into the gigging scene and what a journey it has been so far and it’s been a blessing to know each and everyone of you. It definitely is going to be an awesome 2010 with you guys! (U know who you are ;p)

performance with EVE band at Artista 30th Dec 09

I have also rekindled my love interest to my violin again! Its been 5 years since I have touched my violin and in Oct 2009 i decided to pick it up again! It is definitely an interesting step for me to take and as well as that finally to get a band going! The band is… Caustic Band!! I have been working on some new materials and got off the mark with writing a few songs, will indeed share it with all of you for its debut! But at the mean time, do add us on our facebook page for updates on our happenings here! Already just passed 100 fans in the course of 5 weeks!

Nearing the end of December, I have been working a lot of my commitment issues and my long strongholds which has haunted me for almost my whole high school life overseas and since coming back to Malaysia in 2005 and present. I have to say, its been a long hard fight and I am glad to say that my strongholds are no longer there and I thank the Dude above who helped me get through this rough patch in my life. Indeed God has been faithful and always been there for me and  my faith in You grows stronger everyday!

Myself and John-Aiden as Caustic band @ Artista 09

As some of you also know, for the month of Jan 2010, I’ll be off the worship team and also taking a “sabbatical” month break of gigging. As I have spoken to my pastors, overseers and my leaders and Jon who has been more than just a leader and a friend but my elder brother to me who watches out for me and gives me advice as well, I am really very thankful for you in my life. Gosh.. just realize I have a John for a brother, and a Jon for my elder brother and leader and John as my good friend and band mate @ Caustic Band. Haha…

Jon Koo & Me @ GT after my baptism!

Well since its a new year I should kick it off with getting my life straight and also to have a greater and better relationship with God and also to live a purpose driven life especially when this year its the year of Favor!!

Before heading into my resolutions for 2010, I would like to shout out some thank yous!

I would like to thank my God, my heavenly Father, my family, my parents and my dear brother who has supported me through the lowest part of my life, 2009 has definitely been a rough year for me and I thank you so much for being there for me every step of the way though the thick and thin and the joyest moments of my life.

My dear peers and buddies and pals, through the hardship I thank you all for the prayers and support and for standing by me through the years, last year has been a real discovery of my own life seeing both the jackal and Hyde in action this year… definitely I have been more of my Hyde and Melancholy side of me in 2009, and I apologize for hurting anyone of you because of my actions and my emotions that was running through me last year. I love all of you and I value our friendship.

To the new friends that I have made in 09. Gosh.. where to start!

Kevin Teh (BrokenScar)!!

Though I met you briefly at CCH’s gig at Laundry some early months of ’09, I have been blessed by your advise and it has been great to keep it touch with you from back here in M’sia to Melb! Your like my Penpal man! haha! You have been a great support and indeed a friend I can look up to and get some wise advise from! haha! Can’t wait to see you in Feb!

Avril & Darren! Gosh! What a journey it has been since i met you guys at Mardigras! Can’t remember when exactly that was but yes it was definately mid last year! It has been a really blessing to get to know you guys and definitely our journey together has just begun! *sounds funny* lol! Yea but its been great and its like I have got to know you guys for so long in like 5 months? You guys feel like family to me *crys with tears of joy* lols! ;p

Joel. Man… you are definitely talented and heard that it only take you a month to pick up the bass! That’s real awesome and you write good songs as well! I just wanna encourage you to continue to push on and let God do the steering in your life and continue to write songs and music! You have a calling! Miss you bro! haha!

Eve, when i first saw you at Mardigras I have to say i was intimidated, when I heard you sing, I thought you were one of the most talented singer my ears and eyes have ever seen and heard… and till this day it has never changed . Till present when I get to know you better and have a few performances together and watching you perform, you have grown and blossomed into a better vocalist and I am sure Darren and the rest of the band are proud of you, you have came a long way. You are better than you think you are and I am always blown away by your singing.

We all have our times when we fall and it is a hard fall when we climb up higher and higher. But we pick ourselves up. Leave your insecurities, your pain, and your problems to God. He sees every tear that falls… God has a reason for everything and allows things to happen for a reason… To make us stronger when we go through the fire… Never say never to yourself and not let the Devil put a foothold in your life. Though God and with the 110% faith in God all things are possible! Do remember all the things that God has done for you and the blessings you received from the first day you get to know Him till today…

As I grow, I have come to believe that to “count your blessings” is the most important lesson of all. If we do poorly at this, all our other efforts to be happy, to earn money, to build relationships, to find meaning — all are wasted. If we count our blessings well, with gratitude & appreciation for all that He has do… you will do fine… yea?

And Eve, I thank you for getting me back on the violin.. with out you pushing me and encouraging me to play, I don’t think my dreams of ever picking up my violin again would come true. Thx again for making me believe….

Last but not least, I would like to thank PJK and the pastoral team, fellow zone leaders and cell leaders, who continue to spur me on and support me, do forgive me as I am accountable to you guys as well for the actions that I have taken. I am still learning and I am still young :D, my mistakes are unthoughtful and my actions were wrong, and I thank you that God has put you guys there and it helped me to get over my lifetime strongholds and it felt good and I felt heavy weights taken off my shoulders and felt peaceful especially during this month as i continue to serve along and dwell in His presence at home and spend lots of time alone with God and it has been refreshing and it restores and repairs me.

Thank yo all for being a part of my life, indeed it has been a roller coaster ride of a year in 09,but this year I believe we will all grow stronger and better!

Gosh.. this has been a long “essay”! Well this leads to a new year, of new beginnings, a new page, a new chapter a chance for us to start a fresh with a clean slate! I pray that God will continue to pour out His blessings and favor to all who are thirsty!

Hence this leads me to my 2010 resolutions.

My 2010 Resolutions

  1. To complete my Diploma in Advertising/ Marketing Comm at IACT College.
  2. To make a decision on when I will pursuit my degree in RMIT or AUT. As recently I have started a band (& a surprise I will reveal soon enough!) with the intention to do mission trips with church.
  3. Take MEP and other classes to better equip myself in ministry and to GROW more in my relationship with God.
  4. For real this year. To lose the pounds that has been haunting me since 2005! when I came back from Thailand I was only 65kg.. Now I packed in 30 more kg! I blame solely on Malaysian food!!
  5. Since going back to performances for the violin, i need to invest in either a mic for my violin, or just get an electric violin. Both cost me lots financially.. Do pray for me to make the wise choice.
  6. To be proactive and less laziness in everything!
  7. To groom myself to look better ;p “Handsome boy” Haha!
  8. Save money! I know.. i m an investing for resolution #5, but I am willing to strain myself and eat roti canai for every meal i eat out to save money!
  9. To improve and manage my lifestyle and be more organized in everything that I do.
  10. Strongholds are definitely still fresh even though I am just over my life time strongholds last year! I pray that I will be able to guard my heart my mind and in everything I do, to make Godly decisions…

Well.. Its pretty cliche to have perfect 10 resolutions but that all that I can think of for the past few days on drafting this blog post!

So 2010.. here I come!!!

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I got new kicks!! :D Thks Mum & Dad!

Ahh! I got one of my wishes come true!

I was suppse to get new Zara sneakers but pitty new season’s not in yet! 😦 but… I will wait till they come! 😀

I got the surprise when my dad suddenly gave me this bag with a Nike Box!!! he got me this pair of Sneakers that I have been eying for awhile now!! Its the NIKE Sweet Classic AP! In my fav colour as well! White, Red!

My new Nike 'Sweet Classics'!

My new Nike 'Sweet Classics AP' in White n Red!!OMG-ness!

Well now 4 more gifts to go! 😀

  1. New Zara shoes/sneakers!
  2. A Belt!
  3. Cool pair of shades
  4. Good quality guitar patch cables
  5. a few Graphic Tees – size XLs

Thx Mum! Dad! For the wonderful dinner at that Thai Restaurant and thx for the presents!

Thx to all those who made my 20th birthday really awesome! Love you guys!


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