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Underneath the skin

Behind the mask

Yesterday I was just talking to a good friend, a brother to me as well, and we were talking about how our actions can lead to consequences by the image that we allow people to portray on us amidst all the masks we put on ourselves, we might not realize or do not care about what would happen because of our actions. We may stumble people, cause people to judge, and building conspiracies against you, because you were not careful with your wayward ways and mistakes that cannot be undone, and cause heartbreak and lost of so many things that were long build memories and relationships which would take a long time to heal, amend, lost of accountability & trust or even lost forever.

I don’t know if any of you who are reading this have felt or experienced this way before, but through experiences I’ve had in my life sometimes we do not expect and see the goodness and evil that are around us, which does make us human after all. And we sometimes forget and know who our allies, brothers and friends really are. Just like a game of Mafia, where it’s about deceit vs. true honesty. Sometimes we do not realized till it’s too late that the true colours of people really show and hit a point of “I told you so” or “look at what you have done”

I am just so blessed and thankful that I came to realize who my true friends are and they are those who will stick by me, support me, will jump with me, and guard me when I fall or giving me advise when I’m uncertain.

I love you guys and we shall press on together. I do not want to mention names cause some of you will be reading this and you know who you are and you have been a blessing in my life. For those who are facing any uncertainties, problems I mentioned in the first paragraph, I suggest you look at yourselves at whether you are helping anyone or anything by judging people on the outside, and for those on the other end of the stick, do be accountable for your actions and what you may portray to others on the things that you do. You know who you are and what is right and wrong.