I am still alive!

hey Guys!!

I amr eally sorry for the unforseen haitus due to many cercumstances..

Firstly, my laptop windows was corrupted! I had to take at least 2 weeks now to find out the problem and had to get my important documents out. Good thing I got good friends who can give really good advice! Thx guys!!

So.. temporarily and hopefully not too long… I will be able to get my laptop back.. and stop using my stupid desktop now…

It is a HP Pavilion f1503 which is clse to 6 years old and running on 40GB hard drive and it is also conked and i can’t really access my twitter and also blog and upload pictures! Takes too long!! And I can’t download stuff cause it needs space to be able to temporarily save before I can transfer the files to my external and my thumbdrive..

I have been really depressed cause first.. I left my iPod in my pocket and it went through the washing machine and it broke… then my laptop! So, I have been playing emo songs on my guitar in the room…

Imagine, no music, no internet, no online, no msn… no twitter… I feel so weird… Look at what technology has done! We have became too dependable on technology nowadays and it is affecting me badly…

I still ponder to myself, what ifs.. but its in the past…

I hope I can start blogging effectively after this set back! I will be back stronger!!! and Updates will come sooN!!!!! Stay Tuned!!


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