Computer Graphics Assignment 2 was due today… and i handed it up on time!

3 days ago… 
was over confident that i can finish 3 pattern designs in a few days and can also watch the Liverpool game as well… n have time for futsal 
2 days ago…
was thinking if i can really finish all 3 designs by wednesday…. getting a bit kanciong already…. but decided i can do it!
1 day to go…
Alrite… got worried as i saw a fellow classmate’s design… it was good but lecturer said it was too simple… now this is when i panicked … if her’s to me is a complex one and for the lecturer is too simple… it will take me awhile to get my creative juices in my brain to think of THREE COMPLEX designs!!!!
Day of reckoning…   

was sitting on my laptop working on “design 1” at midnight… completed it straight after the soccer game ended… around 5 a.m due to lack of inspiration … i surprise myself sometimes that i can complete all 3 by today… around 2. p.m … should have finished earlier if i did not have class at 9 to 12…. but none the less.. i’m so ever relieved taht another day of college has ended… did not have any sleep at all… went home at 4:30 … had vocal lesson with Liang till 6 p.m went up to my room then i just knocked out….
woke up … groggy at around 9 p.m… my bro was strumming on my guitar in my room… that must have woke me up… then went for prayer meet… an hr and a half late for the meeting… 
now i m home… chatting to friends… chillaxing… writing blog… and later.. watching futball again…. 

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