there is a first for everything… gosh!..

OMG! i tell u …. yesterday… i purposely come so every early… to college at around 7:30 a.m so that i can get a good parking in front of college… (normally its full by 8 p.m) .. after comin down.. the parking coin machine starts at 8 a.m… so.. i decided to head to McD to get a free Sausage McMuffin.. u know the 1mill muffins they will give away?? *pss… i still have 4 more :D*


i then meet up with some of my class mates… at the corner coffee shop chit chatted till it was time for class at 9 a.m to 12 noon… then from 12 noon it went on till 2nd class.. … in the break.. at 1:30 a.m in Advertising & Broadcasting class… we went to eat lunch… on the way back to college, i told Farid:

“Saman is something that i will not ever get…”

just when i said that.. i was like OMFG!!

i ran to me car… and low and behold… there was my first ever saman….

i dont have the picture of it… but it was for RM 100… according to some friends … there is some “discount” from paying samans.. only at RM30 only =.= …. apparently … only in our beloved country that we have such thing as “DISCOUNT” for samans…

there s a first for everything…….. i guess….


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