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Since coming back from Australia!

Wow! has it been a week and a half since I came back?

For those of you who didn’t know… I’m HOME! On a holiday of course! Till first week of Feb!

First few things I noticed and almost forgot what Malaysia was all about was:

1. ITS HOT and HUMID!!!

2. TRAFFIC JAMS! ( i’ve grown accustomed to the Aussie roads and there is hardly much traffic in Canberra!) Traffic jams there are like 5 mins.. LOL

3. Toilet seats are relatively lower than Aussie ones!

4. Food is great! (Not awesome, but Good!) Grandma’s curry was EPIC tho!!!

Personally, what I miss most was:

1. My family! (John’s in Kansas btw)

2. Queen size bed!

3. My Serena! (it’s what I named my guitar. After Serena in Gossip Girl) 😀

4. My close friends

5. My Band and gigs!!!

Gosh! It was a tiring few days back! Been so busy!

Firstly, was to shoot the music video for ‘Snake With Limbs’ (click here for behind the scenes!)

Secondly, I’ve had 3 shows in a week! 2 proms at Sri KL and Taman Sea! Taman Sea prom was super awesome! Everyone was having so much fun! We met a really cute band too! Let Go Tomorrow are still young and I can’t wait to see what will birth from them in a few years time! (Click here for a picture of us and Let Go Tomorrow!)

Followed in the same week was Rock The World 10! It is a significant one for me cause last year’s one, I was Darren’s guitar tech! This year, I am performing with my band mates and for the year that I’ve been with An Honest Mistake, I salute to my band members that it was an awesome year and it’s been a privilege playing along side talented individuals that makes up what An Honest Mistake is today! Hope to make more records with you guys next year! We got big plans yo!

Lastly, I’ve been busy recuperating at home and working part time, which helps my portfolio! So you can say I’m on a ‘Working Holiday’! I’ll be working closely with Kevin ‘Cottie’ Tan on An Honest Mistake’s media kit and profile! Harnessing my skills that I’ve as an Advertising and Marketing Communication student!

Well… that’s all for now! We got a gig that the band has organized! Check out the poster below!

An Honest Mistake and Friends!

Time/Date: 9:30 p.m/6th Jan 2011 (Come early to get good seats!)

Venue: Laundry Bar @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Bands: An Honest Mistake, Hello, Is This The Band?, Jin Hackman and Atlanta Fall

So do come! We are kicking off the start of 2011 with a stellar line up with our awesome friends!

Lastly! Constant updates and my walkabouts, follow me on facebook and twitter!


2 thoughts on “Since coming back from Australia!

    • Hi Rob!

      Thank you so much for the compliment and thank you so much for following in my life’s journey on my blog! It definitely inspires me to continue to blog!


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