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Shopping List for *09

Well as promised I am now posting up my Shopping List for *09!

  1. Casual retro sneakers: RM 250
  2. White dress shoes: Rm250
  3. Cashmere Scarf: RM100
  4. Three Shorts: Khaki, Cargo and Club Linen – RM 150 each
  5. Two Polo Shirts: RM 150
  6. A Rugby Tee – RM 200
  7. Black Belt (Formal) – RM 100
  8. Sunglasses – RM 70
  9. Graphic Tees RM 50
  10. Versatile button-down Shirt RM 70
  11. Flip-flops: RM 50

Here is the list!
From the previous post you can see that I have already obtained my graphic Tees! So 10 more to go!

Wow.. quite a lot of money I will be investing on myself!


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