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I’m addicted to Passion Pit!

Passion Pit

Passion Pit

These  guys from Cambridge, Massachusetts rocks! Their style of music is like indie, electronic, electro, dance-pop, sort of gives me the very british feel to me even though they are from Boston. Maybe thats why they signed with Columbia UK? Hmm… I guess their market base must be big there… 

Check out their music on their MySpace(click here). They have released 2 albums so far… Chuck of Change (2007) and Manners available on iTunes (and set to release May 19th 2009 on audio cd). 

Chuch of Change (2007)

Chuch of Change (2007)

Manners (May 16th 2009)

Manners (coming soon....May 19th 2009)

Do check them out! I think their music is quite futuristic.. I don’t know why i also keep thinking about those Car games with those funky music in the menu and selecting your car and stuff.. haha.. I guess they are good driving songs too!

Here are their links below!

Passion Pit on MySpace.

Passion Pit on Pitchfork

Passion Pit’s Blog.

Here are 2 videos of my favourite songs from Passion Pit. Have a listen or go to to sample their tracks (click on the album covers Chuck of Change and Manners above for the Amazon link!)

Call me weird… but they are freakin’ awesome!!!