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Incubus New Video Premier’s on MTV today!

Cover of Incubus's Light Granade Album 


Cover of Incubus's Light Granade Album


OMG OMG! Incubus new single’s video is out today! Their new single “Black Heart Inertia” hit radio stations in America on the 16th of April last month and their new video premiers on MTV Today! I tried to stream it from the web but turns out its only for US viewers! 

Here is the song “Black Heart Inertia” I will post up the music video as soon as it’s up on Youtube! 

Here are the links for those of u outside Malaysia! If the video above doesn’t play then play it from their Myspace below !

Incubus premiers on MTV today here!

Incubus on MySpace here!

Official Incubus webpage here.