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What a time… The lost of a culture system… Michael Jackson R.I.P

Busy with assignments.. busy with gigs and studio work… busy spending nights and early early morns on the laptop with research notes and PowerPoint and Word processor on… ok.. enough excuses!

I guess Twitter has been the main reason for the lack of blog posts!

The kings and founders of music are slowly diminishing.

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles – Started off the trends of bands

Elvis Presley - King of Rock'n Roll

Elvis Presley - King of Rock'n Roll

King of Rock’n Roll – Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson - King of Pop

Michael Jackson - King of Pop

King of Pop – Michael Jackson

King of Blues - B.B.King!

King of Blues - B.B.King!

King of Blues – B.B.King (Still ALIVE to date!)

And the other “Kings” in their own rights and genres are slowly diminishing…

My sincere condolences to the Michael Jackson family and to Farrah Farrett’s family and children.

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Farrett if you guys did not know.. is the FIRST Charlie’s Angel from (1976–1980) and was also featured in 4 episodes of the Six Million Dollar Man (1974–1976) !..

Your loss, as what John Mayer said..Dazed in the studio. A major strand of our cultural DNA has left us. RIP MJ.I think we’ll mourn his loss as well as the loss of ourselves as children listening to Thriller on the record player. Michael Jackson, like James Brown and Prince, are nearly uncoverable. The tunes were about his innate talent and can’t really be replicated.

I second to that. Michael Jackson, you have been an inspiration to many. Many artists’ lives has been inspired by you, many have build their career because of you. Including me… you;ve been a musical inspiration in my life as well..

John Mayer

John Mayer

Well.. for me.. my greatest inspiration in music are John Mayer and Incubus among others… as most of you guys may know… Already a legend and probably.. a King soon?

Here is a link to artists and celebrities who’s quotes were taken from (where else….) Twitter and other media sources !

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