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14hrs wait…came out empty handed

Myself and a friend were waiting in for this amazing promo by Digi, where they are promoting the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for only Rm99 and RM58 per month for the BerrySmart plan.. which is darn worth it! (link here)

The problem is this… Digi should have anticipated the largeness of the crowd and hype over this along with other of its promotions, especially from it’s first 2 days of experience they should have expected a crowd for the weekend and should have sorted out a system where it is only fair for those who wait in line to be able to wait and queue..

My friend and I were the first to come at 7:45  pm to queue up and the line later grew to 20 and 30 people and naturally we were told to leave there at 10:30 since 1U was going to close.

So we came up with a system where we had a list where those who came first and those following in at later times were to put our names on a list of paper where we know who came first, as we thought it would only be fair. We waited outside behind the FlyFm stage…

The security guards told us that we had to wait for them to open at 6 am which we did.. when it reached 6 pm  we had 92 people on the list who have waited.. but all hell broke loose, as there were a bunch of guys who just ran in and caused people to get hurt.. my friend suffered the worst.. she was really the one who deserves the standing O since she first came up with the list idea and got assaulted by a guy who pushed her and she got whipped lashed and hit the back of her head and got her arms hurt and was pushed and shoved by the same guy.. wth??? He hit a girl!! I was really really proud of how though she was.. and she did well as she managed to hit the guy in the face.. and thank God there were others who pinned the guy who assaulted her to the walls and another trouble maker was also stopped by new friends that we made…

When we reached back in to the malll.. they had shutters down at the Oval… it was a first time in a long time 1U had shutters down at the oval in awhile since i work on recces and events.

We were shocked to see others there waiting as well.. i guess there were definitely over 200 people in total including those who were with we just waited by the shutters and it was so packed like a can of tuna that I had to stand.. good thing my friend could have enough space to grab a seat… it was quite  scary to see her hand shake so much from adrenaline rush.. when she was smsing on her phone… after the commotion with the assault…I have really realy painful limbs rite now… even as i write this …. I am aching all over….

According to one of the promoters who were  lining up with us for friends.. she was told that the Digi people were trying to think of a solution to manage the “overwhelming response” … what in the world??? Such a big telco company and they did not anticipate and preamp the possibility of this happening… great… well done…

When the Digi people came… they came up with a decision that everyone had to disperse and get off the ground floor so that Digi can set up and open the shutters and discuss how they were to handle the situation with the security of 1U… Digi told us that they will let everyone line up when everyone dispersed from the Ground floor.. we though obviously it will take a long time because people did not disperse… some hid in the toilets behind evelyn and crabtree, some were obedient and went to the floor above.. myself we were obedient and we were outside of chatter box.. and we sent one person in consistently to check on the situation. then we a drink at Kluang station so that in case we did not hear the call from Digi..

To my shock… there was already a line waiting at the Digi shutters where there is the entrance into the queue behind the shutters, and the digi people and the security discussing in the Digi event floor area on what to do.. and the dispersing obviously was not effective as they did not get people to really disperse…

When the Digi people and the security have finished their discussion.. the Digi guy said: ” OK! the line starts here.” I was like.. what the hell???? He pointed at the line infront of him which had 30 plus people…

I was like.. wth???? people were not suppose to line up yet and there was not suppose to be a line???

We all rushed to the lines along with 200 plus other people and we were lined up pretty close enough for contention for the 44 Blackberry Curve which was the one that we wanted…

Then to my freaking shock.. the dude said.. “Priority is  DIGI CUSTOMERS FIRST” Everyone in the line were freaking shocked and angry as it did not state anywhere that Digi customers had first priority!

Shoudn’t Digi open the lines as it is where there are others who were from Maxis and Celcom, Potential NEW Customers, who are willing to trade and SWITCH to DIGI.. I have been a Maxis user for 5 years since coming back from Overseas… and I was willing to pledge my allegiance to DIGI!

I saw bunches and bunches of people leaving and I saw tears streaming down this lady and she mumbled that it was not fair that she lined up for over 10 hrs and being treated like this .. what customer service is this??

TO make matters worse….. My 2 friends, one who came in the morning.. were in front of me, one was a digi customer for 11 years and he was so he was happy and my other friend who was with me for 14 hrs, were right behind 3 people who went in and when they announced that the 44 blackberries were finished!

And the guy who was in charge of the line said that we could not go in, and we could only go in to buy a HP Mini NetBook.

So they guy told us to get off the line. The Digi people were super rude not just the main guy but also his other staff..

What we found out later was that there were a few people who were blacklisted and also did not want the blackberry curve in the end… I was freaking furious! I was like.. If we were not told to get off the line.. we would have got our Blackberry! The dude freaking shooed us off and told us u can’t go in. you have to buy the HP mini then u can go in. WTH????

I found out from one of the promoter girls later that at the start of the queue for those who managed to enter beyond the shutters… that they just ticked what the people wanted… that’s how they determine what people wanted thats how they came up that 44 blackberries were finishd!


DIGI should have checked the phone numbers on the spot whether there were blacklisted or those who are outstanding !!

If they did that we would have been in line for the blackberry and not being freaking shooed off!

We were freaking complaining and there were others too who was complaining….

I was surprised to see my dad in 1U and i told him the torture that i went through.. and he was furious and shelled at the the digi managers (or whoever the person incharge is).  Apologies are not enough…No matter how Apologetic they try to look…  as the saying goes.. Sorry No Cure….

My friend who has been a loyal customer for 11 years, has decided to switch camp to another telco.. So Digi might have gaind more loyalty from their existing DiGi clients… BUT they definitely lost a lot of potential new Digi users the last few days… bad reputation… word of mouth does spread like a disease…

I can imagine the competitors looking at this as a big joke and a potential advantage point for them to pounce with a new promo of some sort… Wonder if it will hit the papers 2mr.. hint.  saw a journalist there… Knew he was a journalist since he was the one that talked to me!

Blogs will definately be filled with an event like this…

to view my rants on twitter to Digi Telco @Dannyboy242 click here.

For a big big company like Digi, I am really shocked at bad event management, customers treated badly by the staff and yelled at…. and did not have a system..

Bottomline is.. my friends and I should have gotten a Blackberry if they had checked the registrations at the line itself… to see if people were blacklisted or had something outstanding… 4 people were blacklisted from the line in front and 3 did not want a blackberry in the end… we were next inline right in front.. when the guyed told us to go away…

Digi’s Tweeter Bio says:

“At DiGi, your needs are at the centre of everything we do. Whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever your needs may be, we’re there for you!”

This is such a contradictory statement from Digi as myself and definitely others who did not feel that. I was not treated like Digi was there for me, and definately did not feel that customers are not the centre of everything that they do.. as evident from this ghastly nightmare of an event that happened…

I wasted my time 14hrs, I’m aching all over, I was cheated.. and thrown aside like some rubbish.. thats how Digi treat customers?

The only compensation I will settle for the least is for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 that I came for, after my friend complained. Digi is getting one for her later during the week..

I want the same …. its only fair.. for what I have been through..

Here are 2 other bloggers who also have their accounts of what happend..

Joshua OngYS (click here)

Satkuru (click here)


28 thoughts on “14hrs wait…came out empty handed

  1. Yoong says:

    Logically from the company’s standpoint, rewarding customer loyalty is the priority so I guess it’s only fair they went for the Digi customers first but what these jackasses did was purely irresponsible.

    But hey… M’sian gigs man. What’d you expect? =P

    • Yoong: ur Digi user of course ur happy la.. Digi has always been rewarding its loyal customers.. this deal is also to get traffic for new users! It also did not state on their web page that its priority to Digi customers!

      They may reward Loyalty.. But.. They loose a hell of a lot of new clients.. bad reputation also man

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  5. wow ur friend actually is getting one. i too was left dumbfounded on how they were yelling. the moment they mentioned only for digi, i actually left the place … not because i was angry but i was damn hungry and i felt the longer i stayed on and watch, the more a circus it becomes -_-“

    • Satkuna: Ahh yea.. it was really a WTF?? situation.. I m surprised people did not do further damage. Or have a big fight.. or something hahaha… Just finished reading ur post! Great picture capture! Pity i left my cam at the office.. could have captured the fight. and arguments and etc. haha last line is funny! Always the smarter choice hahaha….

      Joshua: ahah yea i was wondering what u were laughing at hahaha

      • lol satkuna T.T

        yeah yeah the fight was crazy. in fact i appeared in the middle of the fight when i came out of the door after i parked my car. super intense.

        hopefully the next time around it would be a handled properly. seriously waiting to jump over but kinda reluctant for the moment -_-!

      • Satkuru: eh! Sorry man! I think my eyes were blurring out -.-! Well hopefully next time.. for Digi is ok for a next time try… but for us eveyday average joe… how easy is it for us to get our change again for a Blackberry at that price??? close to nil man… close to nil…

  6. jack, who was from your cell says:

    well, i’m definitely not trusting digi with anything. i used to have a digi postpaid at one point, and my father promptly paid all the bills on time. but they kept on trying to bill me for a bill that i already paid, and my father had proof in a bank statement that the payment had already gone through. yet they kept on bugging me to pay that bill, and even cut off my line a few times, threatening me to pay, and the only reason why they reconnected the line was because my dad got so angry that he called up digi and threatened to stop using their lousy service. finally, in the end, my dad got so fed up that he just cancelled the digi line. turns out that there was a breakdown in communication somewhere between their accounts department and some other department. and a few months after the line was cancelled, they sent a statement saying that all charges were paid. i wonder why it took that long just to get a simple bill settled. but that’s digi for you. poor management, perhaps?

    • Jack: hahaha Jack who was from your cell … good one haha.. well.. there u go man.. what bad reputation Digi is having… poor management lol.. u hit the nail on the head! thats bad of Digi to keep threatening your dad even when he has black and white proof! See even if there Digi try to be better.. they do not compensate for the troubles caused to their clients. Leaves a bitter end to it ya know? Well your dad made a good decision to change. ahaha…If Digi really want to over take Maxis in the telco industry they should.. perform better in their CRM and Event management. Customers nowadays are merceneries, where they will not be loya but go for the best deals. Digi should be aware of that really.. They missed out on that…

    • Jack: and Other than being mercenaries.. they would spread their experience whether good or bad to everyone on blogs, twitter and so on! That will hence affect the company a lot! For me i am not bad mouthing Digi. But I am appalled at how they treat me as a potential new customer of Digi. I have calculated how much tey would have made from in the 1 year contract!

      my phone bill is always RM150 plus.. so including Rm 58 for berrysmart plan.. they would easily make at least rm250 from me per month! and u multiply that by the number of potential customers who were standing inline yesterday and have left.. the would have gained a lot of money long termwise!

  7. Ghim says:

    you guys sometimes need to grow up. it is like any other warehouse or fire sale. digi never did tell you to line up or camp there right? they also did say the units available and what time it starts. why don’t you blame 1U too? their security should be doing their job and no one should have been inside the mall at 4 am or 5 am. first come first served means just that. you guys are all just sore losers. didn’t get then complain and you even had to go whimpering to your father. and your father shouted at the staff? that shows your type of character. and the video in satkuru showed the digi staff was clam and explaining things to ppl. what’s wrong in that? sometimes the mentality of malaysians really surprises me. worse than singaporeans.

    • Ghim .. firstly from your comments i can see that you definitely do not know what your talking about.. and speaking of mentality i think you need to think about yours too before launching out a nuke on everyone and make a fool out of yourself.

      I think you did not finish reading the blog that i have written.. and you obviously weren’t there or even if you were you did not see the fiasco that was happening. the video tat Satkuru showed was the guy giving instructions to people that’s all.. yes he was not screaming and shouting at people. But was i referring to that? I was referring to when everyone was already queuing up the video was taken at roughly at 7:15 to 7:30 not near the opening time and yes security should have been doing their job as there are still monkeys running around in the mall. So if 90 people followed orders from the security then why are they not doing their job when they allowed a few people to stand inside before 6?

      All of us are human beings we all complain.. so don’t tell us that you don’t complain either.I’m not complaining mindlessly but i’m giving my account of what happened and how it should have been improved and handled, as Digi requested it and we are giving it to help them “do a better job” in the future.

      As my blog stated.. That there Digi should have have known how much hype it would have created during the first 2days of their campaign. I work in the communications industry I know. I have worked with big brands like that and we managed to handle an event properly.

      And you need to read my blog properly dude.. or u need glasses man.. My dad happen to be there and i told him about what has happend .. Not my problem that my dad was the one who went there and reprimanded the organizers??

      So please.. why do u have a stereo typical mind.. do have some sense and leave proper comments into peoples blogs..

      Thank You..

    • However you want to put it, Ghim, it’s up to you. I stopped paying attention after you made it obvious that you weren’t even there.

      IMHO, people who weren’t there in person = don’t deserve to comment on what had taken place.

      So really, no point going around and leaving comments on everyone’s blogs.

      Your ignorant mentality? Surprises us even more.

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  10. Digi should have communicated with 1 Utama earlier on setting a place for early campers and marked the queue starting line clearly. They surely will have a PR crisis as this got out in the Internet lol.

    • Yes they should! If they did that… there wouldn’t be a crisis in the first place! There are also various other ways, they can have numbers like how you line up at a bank, first 44 people to retweet or something???

      It would be interesting to see what they write in their PR release! Do check the newspapers incase there are anything that could come up…

  11. justine says:

    “Shoudn’t Digi open the lines as it is where there are others who were from Maxis and Celcom, Potential NEW Customers, who are willing to trade and SWITCH to DIGI.. I have been a Maxis user for 5 years since coming back from Overseas… and I was willing to pledge my allegiance to DIGI!”

    was having a discussion with my friends, and this came up. would actually imagine that this was the main objective of the promo, to hook other telco users. kan?

    • Exactly my point Justine!

      I am glad that you pointed this out. With Digi being the 2nd biggest Telco at the moment and are trying to over throw Maxis from the number one spot, the objective i would imagine as well is to pull in new clients (telco users from Digi’s competitors) as its main objective with the secondary objective to retain loyal customers. It doesn’t help at all with the Digi, a big telco company mishandling a big campaign event such as this. This would definately affect Digi’s reputation, cause customers not to have trust in a “customer orientated” company and loosing potential profits from new clients…

      I’m glad that you understand where I am coming from! Thx Justine!

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