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Am loving the atmosphere here…

Ogilvy Lanyard

Ogilvy Lanyard

I will be here for till the last day of the year!

First day was really fun.. reached the office early today.. to be precise too early! I guess people are still on raya holidays and some might take the rest of the week off maybe… no jam going to work in the morn and back home! Reached work in 10 mins, reached home in 15 mins… a lil more traffic in the evening… but it was all good!

Was chatting with a friend last night on msn, he asked me if i was looking forward to start work? Am I looking ready? I have to say… I am so looking forward to my internship placement… Readiness wise, i guess i still am nervous on what to expect, suddenly being back in a working environment and my very first time stepping into the working world of the advertising industry. What more! Ogilvy is my dream Ad Agency that I would love to work in as soon as I graduate from RMIT or AUT (if i get the scholarship, but RMIT is my first choice).

After the induction from Angelina Villanueva, the Group Talent Director, Grace Chong, the Talent Management Executive, Zayn Khan, the Group MD of Ogilvy and Co, I went out for lunch with Chloe and my colleagues. I guess being the 2 IACT students here makes me feel all the more happy that I was one of the lucky 2 that got selected to be an intern.. Thanks to God and prayers from everybody! I also have to thank one of my favourite lecturers, Margaret Chew for giving us the contact to Ogilvy. Hope when I am back for my final semester I can get Margaret as a lecturer again maybe for Corporate Planning and Corporate Communications? hahah! Cross my fingers and toes! ;p

After lunch, thats where work starts!

I met up with my mentor, Lily who is the Account Director in Ogilvy Action. She is also from IACT! From iaa07! I am from iaa70! My senior 63 batches in front of me! Will learn as much as I can.. heard she is really good!

I got a bunch of works to organize in to folders which was done today at work, and I got to check copy and colour seperation stuff to check to make sure things are in place.. I guess it is a small part of what is to come, but I actually found it fun!

I have to say I am glad to have great, friendly, approachable colleagues to work with through this intern period! Got a coffee machine in the lounge as well, lol… got 8 drinks to choose from hehee.. and there is a recreational area as well.. with a billiards table! Great destress! Hopefully I get a chance to play on it when I have the free time!

I’m sure Chloe is settling in with her colleagues and mentor, on the 11th flr! Hopefully we have time to have lunch together during work!


5 thoughts on “Am loving the atmosphere here…

  1. PTL!!! God’s indeed blessed you with a superb company to intern with.. may He continue to grant you favour and grant your heart’s desires..

    praying along for the scholarship.. RMIT!!!! woohooOO!

    • Hey! Michelle! gosh! Been super busy that I haven’t had time to blog the pass few days!

      Yes Indeed i have been really blessed and lucky for such a good mentor! I am learning so much already even though its my 2nd week! Everyone at work is really friendly and fun!

      I still do not know why i have soo much passion for the industry… Hopefully through this experience I will know what’s God’s purpose for me!

      Thank Yous for the prayers and support ya! RMIT!! wooo HOO!!

  2. hey Danny,

    Looks like you’re having a super fun time at work especially when you’re doing your internship with OGILVY!! Congrats, dude!

    Anyway, I’m so loving your Ogilvy lanyard. The colour somehow reminds me of Tongue in Chic official theme.LOL. Chloe is an intern for Ogilvy as well? Cool x) You guys are so lucky!

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