Busy busy… and gonna be even more to come!

Ahh finally got sometime to sit down and have some free time!

Yess… free time! It seems like ages that I ever had free time! College work has been occupying soo much of my time that I really do not have the time to do anything!!

Have been out every night and coming home past 12 and before the break of sun light.. sometimes we don’t even go home!

I guess it doesn’t bother me so much as it is one of the things that I have anticipated for especially in the industry I am in! As the college promised, graduates from IACT college will be job ready and especially with field experience given to us by our industry experienced lecturers and also from internship!

Yes! As some of you might already know, I will be going to the working world after a while… this time… in the advertising an intern from October to 31st December! Roughly 3 months! I pray so so hard for a good mentor and I hope i can learn a lot!!

I have applied to a handful of agencies for an internship placement and 2mr is my first interview in a very long time… I have been seeking advice from my Account Management lecturer, Margaret Chew and she has been really helpful and am blessed to have such a good lecturer! I definitely have to put in a request for her to be my lecturer again in my last semester after my internship. I think it would be really fun to have her as a Corporate Comm or Corporate Planning lecturer! Oh Please please!!!


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