Busified next few days…


Yup... seriously... my hair looks just like that now.. a lil shorter maybe..

Hmm… the ending of the week of Assignments are almost done!!!!! And still I do not have time for a haircut!

This week i had 4 assignments due on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Crazy!

Well 2 more to go and i need to catch up on some sleep over the weekend.. to be refreshed..

I was suppose to have a gig this coming Sunday and Monday… but i have no choice but to cancel it… Ahh well… the band lead singer is planning to take a break for awhile due to puasa.. but am planning to propose to do my own thing….am writing songs now.. I’ve got one now, am targeting 3 songs by the end of this month… need inspiration from somewhere, some how.. need to find a guitarist, bassist and keys….

Well this is a shortlet for now.. will be back soon enough for more blogging goodness!


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