Life, Sightings

Of rains and disruptive lines…

The lines for the internet has been really disruptive lately. I hope TM will get it fixed soon for everyone’s good.

Just like life. We also have our disruptive lines.

The Rain by Ojosverde

The Rain by Ojosverde

Pass few days have been a hecktic week for me.. been dealing with lots of issues with the class… good thing that I have a few friends from my college! Having someone who spreads vicious rumors around about me I find childish! They do not even know me and spreading lies and stuff just to gain friendship… haha.. I find that really funny that they have to do that to get friends.

I used to pity such people.. now I don’t. why should I? The only thing that they want to see is to prove that they are right and to feed more to their satisfaction to know that the rumors are true!

So what do I do? They humiliated me, they have ‘destroyed’ my ‘reputation’. LOL… I just continue and live my life and do not let rubbish and nonsence to cloud and ruin my life. This will just put the one who is saying false stuff about me to humility in the first place. What did I do? I did not do anything wrong? Why humiliate me in the first place?


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