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it’s Motown week on Idol!

Woah! It’s Motown week on Idol! with Motown legend himself Smokey is here! Among other legends of Motown are Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and so on, basically like songs from the movie Hairspray kind of stuff!

Matt Garoud great today as usual, his version of Marvin Gaye’s classic, Let’s Get It On, was a really solid performance and he made it his own and as ‘Smokey’ said, Marvin Gaye would have been proud and happy about Matt’s own rendition on the classic. Definitely won’t be out!

This week Kris Allen surprised me! I love the song ‘How Sweet It is’ and it is one of my favourite songs of all time! And Kris did a ‘Kris’ version and I thought it was the bomb! He made it contemporary and modern! Definitely won’t be out!

Scott was ok… this week he was trying to up his tempo and he did but the song choice was really bad for him he needs to sing slower more melodious and more feel to his performances. Maybe in the bottom 3 this week.

Megan Joy was doing her thing, and the most unique contestant American Idol have seen...

Megan Joy was doing her thing, and the most unique contestant American Idol have seen...

Ok to me… Megan Scott ROCKS!!!! I was trying to find the words for her style but now I got it from this week. Her style is jazz and cabaret! Wow I think it is a really cool and fresh new style of singing. She sang really really well tonight, she was not reserved, she came out of her shell this week but as the judges said, she was all over the place and a bit messy and should sing more slower stuff.. Maybe won’t be out this week… At least I hope!

“ooh  Baby, Baby!”.. ask Kara said, it was one of the best love songs ever! And Anoop did really good and some of his notes were really sensual and it was really good and as Anoop said, he wanted to do ‘Smokey justice’, and he did! But as Kara said, which I agree totally, that he should take advantage of his great voice and next week they want to see the fun side of him! Won’t be out this week in my opinion.

Michael did an ok performance and as Simon said that he was like screaming and shouting and not worthy of winning! As the song he sang was about begging a woman to stay and not leave. I think he might have not have done so… As Smokey said, he has a big voice and should use it to his advantage! And Paula got booed! This is like the first time she got booed for saying that ‘it was very lounge Vegas’. Bottom 3 I think, but I hope he is not out! But as Michael said, he was being true to himself, his style, and he is already ‘happy to be in top 10 of the greatest show in the world’ so I respect that and also as what Ryan said, and I agree, that he should ‘ take advantage of what the judges said and improve.’

Lil’ was fresh and like a classic song for the first time and she owned it! These are words of what Paula said and I agree, but today she was ‘save’, she was ok, she maybe bottom 3 as well. She did not do her best this week, it was very rushy as what Simon said, and also it was like ‘a tribute to those artist’.

Adam Lambert styles his new 'Elvis' hair do.. or Zac from High School Musical

Adam Lambert styles his new 'Elvis' hair do.. or Zac from High School Musical

Wow Adam Lambert was soo good today! My gosh! It was a totally different side to him! As Smokey said, it was a sweet and tender side of the song and a totally creative and different and deserved a standing ovation which was what he got today from Smokey himself and also Kara! He is an exciting contestant. And as Simon said “I’m going to disagree with Kara tonight, as it was the BEST performance tonight!” He is ‘not just a cool indie rocker, he showed what he can do tonight, those sweet tender moments and he can show off his forceto’ as what Randy said. All I can say is he is really good and will definitely 100% staying for next week!

Danny Gokey gave a 'First Class' performance as always

Danny Gokey gave a 'First Class' performance as always

Danny Gokey’s version of ‘Get Ready’, was really fun and hip and modern…. Sort of reminded me of Solange Knowles’s ‘SandcastleDisco’ for some reason. He is always giving a 100% 1st class performance. Full of fun and excitement! I am also still a Danny Gokey fan and he is still my personal choice of being a finalist for American Idol this year and Oh so not leaving American Idol this week!

Allison Iraheta rocks the crowd!

Allison Iraheta rocks the crowd!

Allison’s version of ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ has totally increased my respect for her cause its like a Motown version but at the same time she made it bluesy rock! Definitely she is the front runner for the girls! And she is 16 years old !! 16! She is amazing and as Kara said, ‘this must be from God!

It’s hard for me really… to say my choice of bottom 3 because they are all incredible as Smokey said.

Michael, Scott and lil’ for me will be the bottom 3 this week…

I will put up the picts for this post as soon as i get home from band practice… I’m late!


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