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Oh my! What a week for Idol!

This week American Idol contestants are different from last week!

As last week I blogged that my personal favorite to be on top last week was Adam and & Alexis! (link here)

Adam did a weird rendition of a country song and made it like… some arabic-country weird song! As Simon Cowell put it… “It’ was rubbish!”

I happen to agree with Simon totally!

Alexis’ did not appeal so much this week either.. I would say that she did better last week… As Kara said that she misses the dirty side of Alexis, and I agree as well that she should have same like “Before He Cheats” or as I would put it “angry songs”

Others that didn’t make an impact to me, were Allison Irahata, Lil Rounds and Kris Allen. Not good enough compared with the rest.

This week my favorite contestants are Matt Giraud, Megan Joy and (probably my favorite to win this season) Danny Gokey!

Matt Giraud’s version was really great! His voice really sounds like Gavin Degraw with that soulful rock voice but miles better!

Matt Giraud performs

Matt Giraud performs Carrie Underwood's "So Small"

Matt Giraud’s rendition of “So Small” was really awesome as he made the song his own with his soulful bluesy rock voice he can be one of the top contenders to be the next American Idol.

As quoting from what kara and Simon said:

“You’re an artist, you’re a true talent, your heart pours on that piano, you worked the dynamics of that song … amazing,” Kara said. Simon added that he didn’t think Giraud has gotten enough credit for his vocals to date and thought that although he’s similar to Gokey, he outsang the competition and gave one of the night’s best performances.

from an article by Gil Kaufman ~MTV


Megan Joy Corkrey performs "Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Cline

Megan has always been a peculiar and interesting contestant in this year’s season of American Idol. She has this Amy Winehouse, Duffy feel to her style of singing which I think it’s brilliant and her rendition of ‘Walkin’ After Midnight’ of a country style with her own twist of jazz witht hte 1940s big band or Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole style of vocals. Very Nice! And her out fit and hair do this week is fab!!

Danny performs "Jesus Take The Wheel" by Carrie Underwood

Danny Gokey performs "Jesus Take The Wheel" by Carrie Underwood

Wow! Despite having trouble during the rehearsal with the tempo of the song and lyric phrasing.. he still came out with flying colors and this performance really does mark this true talent and of a different level than the rest especially when he applied “his signature soulful vocals to the car-crash ballad, coming out tentative at first and then exploding into the chorus with his powerhouse gospel-edged wails.”

Danny Gokey is my official favourite for the season finalist! Despite what Simon Cowell says about his fashion… Geess… talk about listening to Simon about fashion when he virtually wears the same jeans and dark grey shirt all the time just like Steve Jobs as well.. Oops! hehe…

“When you hit your stride, it’s like none other,” Kara said, though she called the front end unspectacular. Paula disagreed, saying Gokey hit the right balance. Despite their ugly fight earlier in the night, Simon agreed with Paula, saying he liked the shading, but hated Gokey’s white “polar expedition” jacket.

from an article by Gil Kaufman ~MTV

Surprise of the week: Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai performs "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson

Anoop Desai performs "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson

My first impression was that he was just an ordinary singer, an average “joe” kareoke singer. But this week he did blow me way and he was impressive especially when he was not familiar with Country style at all! But he did pull it off! And I am sure he won’t be in the bottom three this week! He has more to come I hope!

“Anoop is back!” Paula said, praising Desai’s interpretation of the tune after his failure to capture the magic during Michael Jackson week. Simon praised him for going from “zero to hero,” with one of his favorite performances of the night, even going so far as to take back last week’s criticism that Desai didn’t deserve to be in the competition.

from an article by Gil Kaufman ~MTV

Who is my top 3 and bottom 3 this week?

Top 3

Danny Gokey

Anoop Desai

Matt Giraud

Bottom 3

Lil Rounds


Kris Allen

Here is the latest news  and recap on last nights performances!


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