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Life without the Internet!

Heya to my faithful readers and readers around the world!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I’ve had problems with my internet connection.. and then i found out.. it was not my internet connection!

The Old Faithful ADSL ...

The Old Faithful ADSL ...

Because it has been raining and thundering the last few days.. turns out both my modem and my Router got fried! I mean.. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES ! This is NOT the first time that it happened! This is like the 2nd time that something got fried in my house! Gosh! My ADSL has been faithful to me since September 2005 (roughly after moving in to my house), it has been great and has had no problems. R.I.P  ADSL…

But.. No Worries!  🙂

Mynew Aztech Modem!

Mynew Aztech Modem!

I got myself a new Modem today! My Linksys router is sent for the warranties so I will get a replacement for free in 2 to 3 weeks! Woot!

So…. what have i been doing the last few days WITHOUT my internet connection?

1. Buy new facial care product!

My St. Ives facial care!

My St. Ives facial care!

Normally I would continue to buy my facial products from Kiehl’s when I was overseas, and Loreal Men’s Expert since I came back to Malaysia (Since Kiehl’s is quite pricy in Malaysia I chose an alternative which was Loreal), so I am trying St. Ives, a brand that my mum solely follows and attached to as it is very effective for her!

So I managed to get myself the few remaining tubes and tubs there as apparently St. Ives is going through a Rebranding so.. hopefully it won’t be long before the new face of the brand comes back cause if this product works effectively, I will continue to use it! Its affordable to the general public, available at Pharmacies like Guardian and Watson’s and EFFECTIVE!

What more can you ask for!

2. Watch Liverpool trash Man U 4 – 1 !

WOAH! I actually had my own match predictions that it would be a draw.. but my fellow friends who watched the game with me at Laundry said Man U will win.. well…

Vidic sees Red...

Vidic sees Red...

Ferguson in deep thoughs after the game...

Ferguson in deep thoughs after the game...

Torres scores pass Van Der Sar while Vidic contemplates on his mistake...

Torres scores pass Van Der Sar while Vidic contemplates on his mistake...

3.  Church

Well… with or with out internet I will still be in church for service every week anyways…

That’s all for now.. got a pasta on the stove that’s calling my name!


5 thoughts on “Life without the Internet!

  1. dude seriously St Ives? And I would’ve thought you’re a Biotherm guy! LOL!

    And the match was a bloody sham! Man U deserved to lose la. Kanasai. Should have got Mascherano to score. That would’ve been a real slap in the face haha

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