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Tenji Promo is back in March!

Tenji March Promotion

Tenji March Promotion

Wow! I can’t wait to visit Tenji again!

Unfortunately since I’m a student and also working on a tight budget RM77++ is a tat expensive for me. But the promo is back!

I got a sms alert from Tenji Restaurant on Saturday Evening and this is what it says:

TENJI: March Weekday Lunch Promotion for only RM49.90++ (It’s around RM 55 after additions), Normal Price RM 77++. For reservation, pls call 1700 80 1818
When I saw the sms I was like… Call Jade! Call Ms. Jenny! Call Chloe call Liang, call Jon! I was just like forwarding smses and forwarding webpages that gave reviews on Tenji !

I’m forming a group from my college to go to Tenji during one of the weekdays! Call me you all for more info!

Hope to bump in to you all in Tenji!

Below are links of Tenji’s web & Blog page, and also my reviews!

Tenji’s Home page

Tenji’s Blog

DannyBoy’s Reviews:

Tenji Japanese buffet BETTER THAN Jogoya!

Tenji Part 2!

Friday at Tenji again!


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