Shopping for Clothes for CNY

Ok.. Last day of classes for now and was suppose to have a group meeting, but our group… well we decided to pass up on the meeting and you know what?? We vowed that after the break, we are going to step up a notch and focus focus on the tasks ahead of us!

Since there was nothing on.. Well the next thing to worry about was CLOTHES!

I need new clothes for not just CNY, but for the year! I have a lot of old clothes that I am dying to throw out or donate to charity and my bro doesn’t like hand-me-downs, so I guess that’s pretty obvious since my sizes of clothins are larger.

So, Alice, Sherman, Shermaine, Karmen & yours truely, went to One Utama to kick off our day of shopping and relaxation!

Shermaine bought a pretty nice leather Nike messenger laptop bag, Karmen and Alice bought themselves a nice Bro’s water container which was on a sale of RM10 from the regular RM15.90. Worth it!

We walked walked walked and over dinner @ the Teh Tarik Place, gossip and talk about the holidays and “bitching” about people.. something that all humans enjoy doing. Gossip, gossip and more juicy gossip!

After the quick bite, we went straight to Kitschen, where I saw this really nice pair of Cargo white cream shorts! Perfect and it has DannyBoy style written all over it!

But! After I tried it out, Shermain noticed that the back pockets were huge! Imagine your wallet moving and juggling all over the back while you are walking! It would make your rear end look like it is flubbering, not like it already is anyways! It was only Rm 49.90 plus that is before 10% discount! Argh! big fat pockets! So I ended up didn’t buy it cause of the too big a size pockets!

Well.. my objective was to purchase at least 2 new shirts or tee with one of them being Red. But to no avail I couldn’t buy a decent one. The closes one was a Jersey T in TopMen, But the Red well.. though it was my favourite colour,but as Shermaine pointed out, it was not as good as a grey one or a black one, and Karmen wanted to buy one for her Bf, so I don’t wanna get one where I know someone will have the same shirt as I do! Well, don’t worry Karmen! I think the red jersey T from TopMen would fit your Bf really well! Pity they didn’t have an XL for me for the Black one or the Grey. Deng it!

Well I am now at a studio, chillaxing as my fellow band members and I await the previous and already done occupents of the studio to pack up!

TTYL! Time to lock myself and my bandies up in the room and create some funky music!

P.s I must apologize for the lack of photoes lately. My camera has been loaned to my brother who needs to use it…


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