13th Jan.. I remember when I said I love you.

I remember those hazel brown eyes,

I remember the smile that took away my breath.
I remember how your long blonde hair brushes over your face.
I remember the joy and happiness when we opened our Christmas presents. 
I remember the night we just sat on the roof of your house, cuddling in a blanket staring into the sky.
I remember our songs.
I remember the day we walked on the beach in the morning.
I remember our first date. 
I remember the first time I said I love you, and the joy that was indescribable and the best moment of my life when you said I Love You back. 
I remember our trip just you and me to Phuket
I love the way you look back at me and give a smile.
I love your laugh when I say something funny or do something unintentionally.
I love your scent
I miss hugging you so tightly like I would never let you go.
I miss holding your hand
I miss touching those lips
I miss touching your face
I miss your touch
I miss sending Christmas cards and Valentine’s chocolate to our friends. 
I miss cooking your favorite meal
I miss the sound of your voice
I miss You. 
I thank you for your love that you have given me for the many years we have been together. You showed me that a perfect angel and someone who I can never dream of having, who can love an imperfect person like me. 
Torrie, I love you. 

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