Tomorrow is D-Day

Depends on when you read this post. when I mean tomorrow is D-Day I mean Thursday is the day. but if you are reading it on Thursday, so it will be today is D-day. but since I am writing this post on Weds night, then tomorrow is D-Day.. ok…

Tomorrow is the last exam of the semester. Gone through reading all the notes, all the tutorial questions and now I m just taking a break from my 3rd read through of my notes.

Hey. 3 read throughs are enough for me ok… I know I’ve got friends smarter than me and read through like 10 more times. but hey! I guess I found a method of study that works.

My study method:

  1. Enjoy your short breaks in between your revision as to the fullest as possible. ‘
  2. take long breaks if you have to
  3. Read and Understand every word. Not every sentence. As what TMC would say.
  4. Repeat through every theories, processes and notes until you are sick and tired of looking at your notes.
  5. Do last min study. It works for mE! 😀
  6. Drink lots of coffee the night before exam. If I am really going for the midnight oil burning. Might as well go all the way rite?

yea.. Thats about it. I guess..

I found out that I am one of those people who enjoys doing last minute study and assignments because I like the adrenaline to force me to be productive, like I’m on extacy but I’m lovin it every bit. AND I hate to do a little bit at a time. U know do bit day by day. Lucky for those who can do it. But I can’t. Don’t know why. But. Thats the way I am. Got a prob talk to me.

I am still getting my grades when I do, do last min. Thats my style, my way.

But I’m not last min with God.

Anyways. back to book worming. OH and to refill my dose of coffee



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