Happy Birthday Sarah !

Woah I came back 2 hrs ago, from a wonderful party. People had the impression that all 21st birthdays have to be extravagant classy and so much money spent, just like those “spoiled brats” on that MTV show, Sweet 16.

Well I came from a 21st birthday which was simple yet I feel was more realistic and also way more of a personal touch with a bunch of Sarah’s closest friends which I prefer! there were 38 of us at Sarah’s house in Subang. I was like WOAH! 38 people! Deng the cooks will have lots of hungry stomachs to feed!

One phrase of the food. IT TASTED SO GOOD!

Gosh! Sarah and her siblings are so blessed to eat wonderful glorious food everyday! The meal today consisted of Roast Lamb Leg, two I must say, roasted potatoes, traditional Spaghetti meatballs with bolognese sauce, garden salad, capsicums with cheese and last but not least home made Chocolate cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream !

As all professional chefs love to say, that it is always good to keep things simple and it always becomes delicious, and it was evident today that the food was made with love and care and certainly did hit the spot! It was a hearty and delicious meal and I wanna say it was such a joy to eat. Confession: I had 3 helpings of food, but only one of cake cause I was so darn full!

I was suppose to give Sarah’s mum a hand in the kitchen but pity it suddenly poured down with rain like there’s no tomorrow! God ! It was FREAKIN JaM!! I had to send out an sms to Sarah that I was not able to arrive on time as I was stuck like a sardine in a can!

Ahh…btw Sarah’s mum was my mum’s friend back when they were in Canada studying! Hmm. It would be interesting to sit down with Sarah’s fam and mine for dinner one day hahah! Since both fathers are golf enthusiast and both mum’s cook great food and have wonderful families 😀 haha

After the dinner, we had performances by a few people including Amanda, Grace and myself! God it was spontanious and I couldnt sing cause I had cake down my throat! Remembering what Liang told me: dont eat stuff with choc or milk! Not good for throat when going to sing!”

All in all it was a great night! Sarah when u read this I wanna tell u. thank you and your family for inviting me to your lovely home, and thank you for including me for your belated 21st birthday celebration and it has been great knowing you, and your note that I wrote to you is safely stored away and will pass it to you on Saturday!

Happy Belated Birthday again!



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