Update on the CampusTown Cell!

Gosh! It’s been ages since I last wrote something here! It’s been a roller coaster year coming to an end! Life has it’s ups and downs for me and for the Campus Town Cell but we prayed together and trusted God that when we walk through fire he will be there with us.

Campus Town has it’s visitors and cell members come and go. Currently we stand 10 people strong in cell!

Arsh (pronounce as “Ash”)
Dionne (ACL)
Emmanuel (ACL)
Daniel (CL)

Arsh and Shamin are new members in our cell and joined us for 2 weeks so far and they are enjoying it!

Arsh is from Utar College her hometowns in Pahang and is a Christian, and Shamin is a new Christian since 2 weeks ago and she is from Ipoh and studying at Nirwana International College and they are born in 1990! Finally I’m not the youngest anymore! Hehe.. Not like it was a bad thing to be the youngest hehe..

I just want to ask for your prayers for Kerry and Joycelyn, as Kerry was from our cell and church, but he moved to another church which is located around GTPJ, not exactly sure whats the name but its short for Hope church. Apparently according to a fellow leader, their practices are questionable and also seems “cult-ish”, as in they do sort of believe just like Jehova’s Witnesses that you have to do good works in order to get to heaven. Joycelyn is Kerry’s friend, and Kerry introduced Joycelyn to our church. She was quite affected by what I said about Kerry moving to another church and has moved to Sue Ling’s cell, as I’m sure that it is quite hard to deal with a situation where someone who influenced you to attend church has back sliden .

I pray for Kerry that God will open his eyes and for Joycelyn to be comforted by God.

As for myself, I have been much better since the 2nd sememster started at my college. I can handle real clients now much better than before and learnt so so much of how time management is all so important to get organized in life without blowing up!

My family is doing fine, my brother is in his first sem in A-Levels at Sunway College and he is actively involved in the Sunway College Student Council and the A Levels Student council. He has been soo soo busy since then and has regreted saying that college life is fun hehe… My dad is doing ok at work, same old same old,but since we are at a bad time of the economy I pray that retrenchment will not come to my dad as he is going on 50 next year. My mum is great as ever 😀 I just ask for prayer for my dad’s security in his job and also his desire to get a promotion as well as praying for the stock prices to rise.



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