Psycho ! Done and dusted!

I spend a Marathon essay report for Psychology from 11 p.m till 5:30 in the morning. I guess the psychology assignment was harder than I thought, my cockiness got the better of me this time.. but thankfully I managed to produce satisfactory work, obviously not my best that I can do, but I did my very best in the limited time I have.

I’m now in my psychology lecture. more than half the class with their laptops open constantly typing or some just sitting there pondering. Most likely rushing the assignment, just as my Psychology lecturer pointed out. *grins* Its due when the class is over. Hence the reason why I stayed up so late sacrificing sleep for rushing the due time of handing up the assignment in less than 40 mins time :). Definately sacrifice with out question!

I feel so relaxed now… watching the rush of my fellow classmates contemplating which theories of psychology to use and fretting about laptops hanging, running in and out of class to print! (I saw my lectuere gaving that evil smile as he eye-balls every individual not focusing on the class topic, laptop gaggers, speedy gonzales running in and out.

haha I am just enjoying the moment! HAHAHAHA!



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