My Top 10 music addiction for the year 2008

I was watching the EMA Liverpool 06.11.08 rerun today. Hostess and hosts are Katy Parry, Jared Leto running the segment of ‘Strange things that people do’ (basically going round the set up UK style pub where the artist and stars are chilling, and Perez Hilton on the red carpet.

An interesting thing i noticed during the EMA was that though EMA stands for “European Music Award” but… American airwaves have been in dominance since quite awhile, I must say I kinda miss the awesomeness of the British music! It has been quite a mildly hyped year for British music. Hope next year there will be more stuff from the UK! BTW check out this rock band, The Wombats, version of Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love! url here. I tried looking for the EMA live one, but it seems like it has not been released yet!

Here is my Top 10 Music Addiction for the year 2008 in no particular order!
How about yours? What are the music that inspires you this year?

Place your top 10s in the comments for this post!



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