Desert Song

I feel so tired sometimes of serving.. like right after each dance I choreograph, I barely get a few weeks rest before starting on the next dance. My brain feels tired of envisioning, my body feels tired from moving, my spirit feels tired from being emptied. A friend reminded me today that it’s normal to feel this way in ministry. But that doesn’t help my weariness.

My spirit’s been feeling tired often these days. I think it comes with neglecting my quiet time *rueful* I am spending some time now refocusing, worshipping, and just letting His spirit fill me once again. Just feel like I’m walking a desert and I need that refreshing water that is God. I need to drink from His ‘water bottle’ as my pastor here says 🙂

This is my prayer in the desert..When all that’s within me feels dry..I will bring praise, I will bring praise..

In every season of our lives, whether it’s the desert, the fire, the battle, or the harvest, God is still God. He never changes, He is that consistent. And I will always have a reason to praise Him.

I know I’m getting my heart attitude right – it’s my honour and joy to serve in the way I am called to serve. And though I get tired sometimes, hey, I’m only human 🙂 All the more reason why I need to seek Him, so that I’ll always remember that I do these things only by His strength and not my own… because on my own I get TIREDDDD…. hahah…I will just be drained!

I know I’m filled to be emptied again, the seed I’ve received I will sow..

Love and hugs


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