So 9 things i accomplished… today is the last day of my 12 days of holidays…

hmm 12 days… kinda productive really.. this holiday i mean… i did a few things…

1. Continued my work in an event company i have been working with for the past 2 years. It made my holiday feel more like working days again.. except i don’t work in the mornings and afternoons, nights till 3 a.m in the morn.

2. I finally got a wireless network in my home.. Linksys G .. its sufficient enough for a 2-3 story home. its only Rm150 .. dont need the new N wireless technology, that’s over sufficient for a home. Now with the wireless network. I do not need to fight for the use of the internet anymore!

3. I have finally got my HP Bluetooth wireless mouse to work! after 3 months of trying to figure out how the mouse will work, since the set up wizard cd doesn’t work… so i finally thought it as a bluetooth device just like anyother and just turn the mouse on.. and vua-la! It worked! πŸ˜€ need to get 2 pairs of AA rechargable batts, so that it saves money on buying batteries over and over again.

4. Got 2 new Miut2 necklaces πŸ˜€ they are just coolness! πŸ˜€ I will b wearing one of them 2mr!

Btw the 2 new ones are at the top. The ‘Danny hearts food’ one was b’day present from Chuen πŸ˜€ Thx Chuen!

5. Oh yea. I managed to clean out some old files, Monash, CIMP, even from high school in Bangkok!

6. Got 4 t-shirts for only RM 50 (500baht) from Bangkok, Thailand.. Platinuum Mall!!! (Courtesy of Chuen!!)

thats Chuen btw πŸ˜€

7. I found the right keyboard protector! for RM12 bucks! Digital Mall!8. I went to One Utama tonite, to get a Paperboy Cap(a.k.a Flat cap or beagle cap).

9. The Masquerade is coming! Since Karmen was so secretive on the color of her mask… so will I! :p
Prom is this friday! Can’t wait.. will be performing 4 songs, 2 wif Azian, 2 with clement.

Well as you can see… i have accomplished quite a lot. It might seem little, but actually to me its a lot. As soon as sem 2 starts tomorrow, I would not have the time to get these things done. Still gotta go collect my jacket … πŸ˜€ Mask, Tie, Shoes, Slacks all ready πŸ˜€


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